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5 Best Incense for Yoga

For centuries, incense has been used for uplifting moods, warding off negative energy, and worshiping in temples. Incense burning is long known to relieve...

Germany to Continue Close ties with India

The new alliance in Germany outlines closer ties with India and expects China to play a responsible role for peace, stability. The newly elected...

Criticism of Little Albert Experiment: Was it Unethical

The infamous experiment conducted by behaviorist John B Watson and his student Rosalie Rayner was condemned for adopting unethical practices. Both Watson and Rayner...

What can you have in your Meals When you are on a Diet

People generally tend to gain weight when they are out somewhere, that tripping out they have to attend some wedding functions. It is very...

How Can I Treat Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Certain things about your body might seem unusual, but you should always know about them. Vaginal discharge is one such thing that is an...

What are the types of urine tests?

Urine analysis is a series of urine routine examinations that are used to examine and detect compounds, physical and chemical, and a microscopic study...

Some tips to keep your heart healthy

Some tips to keep your heart healthy  The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed our lifestyle drastically. Staying indoors, sitting for long hours due to work, and...


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