5 Stunning Matrimonial Profile Description Samples For Modern Indians


Writing about yourself is very easy, but writing about yourself honestly is a very tough task and writing about your profile honestly on matrimony sites is really very tough. So many people take the help of their parents, other family members, and friends and it becomes visible from their profile, that’s not good. If you put an adequate amount of honesty and some good words in your matrimonial profile, you may attract the right person as your life partner. At here I am giving you 5 Sample of Stunning Matrimonial Profile Descriptions for Modern Indian.

For Simple Girls

I am 25 years old, 5’5″ tall, with a medium build and positive outlook towards life. I am an Art Graduate from D.U. and currently figuring out other options of pursuing my studies further or finding a job. According to my parents & friends, I am very active when it comes to taking up household responsibilities. I love to decorate my home with a complete stickler for hygiene. I am looking for a Khatri Life Partner for me at Khatri Matrimonial Sites.

For Businessmen

Through a lot of challenges of life, today I can say that I am a self-made man with huge support from my family and friends. I completely rely on complete diet and yoga to maintain my 5’10” tall body. My daily routine ends with a lot of meeting with my clients. Personally, I love surprises, traveling, meets new people and culture. Now I am looking for a life partner in my life who gives stability in my life.

Software Engineers

I am software Engineers by profession; I have been living in Gurgaon for 5 years. To keep my 5’11” tall body, I exercise daily in the gym. My profession makes me a patient man and enhanced my negotiation skills. I especially worth good sense of humor, being able to laugh at yourself, being able to be in touch, culture in general, social issues, staying fit, and the sovereignty to think out of the box.

For physical disables

I am a 30-year-old man from a conservative, Kayastha family in Meerut. 2 years ago in a road accident I lost my leg, but it was my huge struggle and self-determination which help me to make new adjustments in my life on the wheelchair. Now my perspective towards life is more confident and I live every day of my life as it is my last day on earth and get pleasure from life to the fullest extent. I am here at Kayastha Matrimonial Sites to find a perfect life partner who makes me stronger than before.

Any type of Artist

As an artist, I have a creative point of view for everything in my life, but from the profession, I am an Editor, who edited the video clips to make it more attractive and appealing. Now I am looking for a perfect editor of my life, my life partner who edits my life with necessary changes to make it more beautiful. I am 5’7” tall, fair color and little bit chubby guy, if you think that I am perfect for you then your most welcome.