The Times Now India Infra Transformation Summit 2024: Mapping the Way Forward in Strengthening Country’s Robust & Sustainable Infrastructure


Infrastructure development is indispensable for India’s economic growth, sustainable development, and global leadership aspirations, necessitating strategic investments, initiatives, and partnerships to unlock its full potential on the world stage.

Today, India needs to customize its infrastructure development to suit its distinct requirements and obstacles, while also gleaning valuable insights and best practices from global experiences to better tackle these challenges. Moreover, considering global warming and the pressing need to decarbonize society, all nations must collaborate in crafting solutions that cater to the needs of future societies on a larger scale.

According to a recent CRISIL report, India is projected to allocate nearly Rs 143 lakh crore towards infrastructure development over the span of seven fiscal years until 2030. This amount significantly surpasses the Rs 67 lakh crore expended during the preceding seven fiscal years from 2016-17 (FY17). Notably, approximately Rs 36.6 lakh crore of this total will be earmarked for green investments, marking a remarkable fivefold increase compared to FY17-23.

Green infrastructure is swiftly gaining traction in contemporary urban planning across all tiers of governance—national, regional, and municipal. Sustainable infrastructure will be instrumental in advancing the country’s green objectives.

As the country progresses towards green infrastructure, it not only fosters a pathway to sustainable economic growth but also enhances the quality of life for its people. By aligning with global sustainability objectives, India sets the stage for a greener and more prosperous future. Through investments, innovation, and a steadfast dedication to sustainable principles, India stands ready to lead in developing green infrastructure, catalyzing its sustainable economic advancement, and serving as a beacon for the world towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Leveraging the massive potential that awaits to be tapped in the endeavor of strengthening the country’s infrastructure further and spearheading the transformation towards a much more reliant economy, The Times Now India Infra Transformation Summit 2024 to be held on 27th June at Taj Palace, Delhi aims to be the meeting ground where innovation, progress, and collaboration converge to shape the future of India’s infrastructure landscape.

Embarking on this transformative journey, industry leaders, policymakers, and visionaries will come together to explore ground-breaking strategies and initiatives aimed at revolutionizing infrastructure development across the nation.

Through panel discussions, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities, the summit aims to bring together key stakeholders from government, industry, and academia to discuss emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in the infrastructure sector.

Some of the Key stakeholders (speakers) to steer the collaborative discourse ahead:

  • Dr. Surendra Ahirwar, Joint Secretary, Logistics & Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, PM-GatiShakti & National Logistics Infrastructure Policy, Government of India
  • Roopa Mishra, IAS, Joint Secretary & National Mission Director Swachh Bharat Mission, Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs
  • Baldeo Purushartha, IAS, Joint Secretary Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Government of India
  • Ajay Saxena, Sr. Adviser, National Investment and Infrastructure Fund (NIIF) (Renowned PPP expert)
  • Karuna Gopal Vartakavi, President, Foundation for Futuristic Cities (Smart Cities mission)
  • Sudhir Hoshing – CEO – IRB Infrastructure Developers
  • Sudhendu Sinha, Adviser, NITI Ayog
  • Arun Goyal, Member, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission

By showcasing exemplary leadership and fostering collaboration, The Times Now India Infra Transformation Summit 2024 aims to play a vital role in shaping the future of infrastructure development in India.