2024 Election Results: BJP Celebrates, INDIA Coalition Gains

Election Result 2024

2024 Election Results Summary: Analysts had foreseen a third term for PM Narendra Modi. Nevertheless, the BJP’s stronghold in Uttar Pradesh encountered significant resistance from the INDIA coalition.

New Delhi: Election Results 2024: The BJP-led NDA secured 292 seats, outpacing the Opposition alliance, INDIA, which obtained 232 seats. Despite BJP’s stronghold in Uttar Pradesh, it faced stiff competition from the INDIA coalition. The rivalry between BJP and the INDIA bloc in the Lok Sabha elections highlights a deeper ideological conflict.

Political analysts had anticipated a third term for PM Narendra Modi. However, the INDIA bloc has mounted a robust challenge, contradicting these forecasts.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spearheaded the BJP’s campaign, emerging as the party’s key campaigner by attending more than 200 public events, including rallies and roadshows. In contrast, the INDIA bloc’s campaign was marked by joint rallies featuring various Opposition leaders.

Vote counting commenced at 8 a.m. under stringent security measures. The tallying of EVM votes began 30 minutes following the postal ballot count. This year’s Lok Sabha election ranks as the second-longest since India’s inaugural election in 1951-52. To establish a government, any party or coalition must secure a majority of 272 seats.