Delhi Lok Sabha Election Result 2024

Lok Sabha Election Result 2024

The BJP totally crushed it in Delhi, winning all seven Lok Sabha seats! Their candidates, like Ramvir Singh Bidhuri, Praveen Khandelwal, and others, scored big margins. Currently, the BJP is leading in two more seats. The vote share breakdown is BJP at 54%, AAP at 24%, and Congress at 19%. 

AAP and Congress teamed up to take on BJP in Delhi’s Lok Sabha elections, but exit polls predict another BJP win. The saffron party is set to dominate yet again, with expectations of securing 50% to 56% of the vote share, mirroring the 2019 outcome. Despite the alliance between AAP and Congress, it looks like BJP is holding strong in Delhi. It’s shaping up to be a familiar story, with the BJP likely to emerge victorious once more.

Delhi Lok Sabha Election Result 2024 Live: counting of votes for the Delhi Lok Sabha election

Arvind Kejriwal’s arrest and release on interim bail took centre  stage in AAP’s campaign, while BJP hammered on corruption allegations in Kejriwal’s government, emphasising the Centre’s role in Delhi’s progress. Congress, on the other hand, tied its national ‘Nyay guarantees’ to local concerns and tapped into its shared voter base with AAP. It’s been a strategic battle with each party playing to its strengths.

With a vast electorate of 1.52 crore voters, comprising 82 lakh men, 69 lakh women, and 1,228 from the third gender category, the election saw participation across more than 13,000 polling booths.