Coronavirus Live Updates: Active cases recently showed up at 11,542

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Coronavirus News Live Updates: Active cases recently showed up at 11,542 and encompassed 0.03 per cent of total infections. The cases have increased and recovery rates are going down at 98.76 per cent day by day. 1,985 recoveries were reported on Sunday.

Covid 19 India live update: Kerala reporting Covid -19 data after a gap of five days has misrepresented that India is again receiving positive cases and increased death rate. The centre has told the state to share updates of Covid -19 data daily.

Indians break the recorded case of new Covid -19 cases 214 getting the death cases in the next 24 hours ending on Monday 8 AM according to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The active cases are now at 11,542 and comprise 0.03 per cent of the total infections. The recovery changed to 98.76 per cent and 1,985 recoveries were reported on Sunday.

India was damaged by the annihilating COVID rapidly increase last year that saw thousands of people suffering losses by death every day at its peak, breathtaking hospitals and crematoriums.

Apart from Kerala, Delhi and Maharashtra and Haryana states have had many positive cases of infection in the past 24 hours. The hospital conditions are not good and are very low. Even the hospitals were not empty for new covid patients. This would be very tough for upcoming Covid infections.

Delhi has recorded an uptick in cases; daily cases where updates contravene the 500 mark on Sunday, with the city documentation 517 cases in 24 hours. Recently the positive cases jumped down from 0.5 per cent to 5.33 per cent in two weeks. Now, again India is in the red zone. The increase of positive cases and inflation are increasing rapidly. Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) will take stock of the situation and assemble on April 20, 2022.

Covid rapidly increased in Delhi but the hospital rate is low: Satyendra Jain

Delhi health minister Satyendar Jain on Monday said, ‘It is too thought the Covid-19 cases are again increasing in Delhi’. It is not an accouchement situation yet, as the rate of hospitalisation is low now.