Traits A Top-Quality Plumber and Plumbing Service


Plumbing works and services are a basic necessity for any building or home. You cannot just live in a place without needing plumbing services. So, a contact number of a good quality plumber is essential to be handy while emergencies. So, while looking for good quality plumbers, you need to be extremely vigilant as there are so many frauds out there. Also, a quality plumber is not the one who has just good knowledge and skills. A good plumber needs to have other several traits as well. Here is a list of all such traits to look for in a plumber.

Pick only those satisfying all the below-listed traits.

  • Arrives at the allotted time: A reputable plumber will never miss his appointments. When you call for getting plumbing services, the plumber allows you a well-defined time of arrival and is present at that exact time. He does not have excuses like getting stuck in traffic or being busy and would call beforehand if he is late or has to cancel the appointment due to unavoidable circumstances. A quality plumber values your time and gives due importance to his appointments.
  • Neat and clean: There have been instances of a plumber arriving on the site and doing the task perfectly well but leaves without cleaning up the mess. No matter how reliable a plumber is, but if he cannot be neat and clean in his work, he is a waste. A quality plumber, while leaving, leaves the site as it was when he arrived. This is a must be a trait for all the plumbers. They are supposed to have proper care and considerations for their customers’ homes. He also should be polite enough to respect you home premises by leaving his dirty shoes outside the house to maintain cleanliness.
  • Ready to show his credentials: An authentic plumber never shies away from showing his identity proof and certifications. Actually, a quality plumber wears his certificate as his honor. When you ask a plumber if he is licensed and insured, he should be more than happy to show you the proof of his license and provide you the details of his work insurance to relieve you of any liabilities. The body language of the plumber while showing his credentials says a lot about his authenticity. A fake one will not be able to show off all his certifications without any hesitation. So, be observant.

Plumber and Plumbing Service

  • Gives a clear estimate: A quality plumber gives you a clear estimate of the complete job beforehand. He would arrive on the site, make preliminary inspections and then provide you with a clear estimate. Only then he will start the actual work. In case of a good plumber, the estimated costs and the final bill amount would not vary. Also, his bill would have clear and concise details of the material costs and labor costs. There will be no hidden costs not listed on the bill. He would be able to give you an upfront estimate after inspecting the site and then would proceed only after your approval.
  • Friendly as well as professional: A quality plumber is extremely friendly in attitude and at the same time is duly professional. He respects you as well as your home premises. Would not try to talk about unnecessary topics and would be ready to provide you as much information as possible. He would patiently explain you all the details of the plumbing problem and how he will proceed to solve it. He would also give you several care tips and enlighten you about some easy home plumbing tricks. Overall, a plumber should be professional in his behavior and friendly at the same time.

If you find a plumber with all these traits, you are lucky as such plumbers are rare to find. So, once you do, note down his contact number so that you can contact him whenever you have a plumbing emergency.