Finance Minister Puts Spotlight on Rural Development in Pune!

Finance Minister

On May 4th, 2024, Abhay Firodia, chairman of the Board of Governors of Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute and an entrepreneur, hosted an event in Pune. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman visited and interacted with notable people from various business and economy-related fields.

Sudhir Mehta, Deepak Karandikar, Pandurang Raut, Dr. Deepak Shikarpur, Manoj Pochat, Sudhir Pandit, Sushil Jadhav, and many others were also present on this occasion.

Abhay Firodia warmly welcomed the Finance Minister on behalf of the Bhandarkar Institute, sharing thoughts about innovative initiatives under the Modi government when India was moving towards a superpower country from a developing country. 

Additionally, Indranil Chitale and Saurabh Patwardhan from Economics Research shared the guidance documents for Pune’s overall development with the finance minister. Finance Minister at Oriental Research Institute, and interacted with many professionals related to business for planning the roadmap for the development of Pune.

During her address, Finance Minister Sitharaman remarked, “The way ancient institutions like Bhandarkar have done research and preserved our culture is highly appreciated. The world needs to be re-acquainted with the fact that our country’s culture and history are unique in the world. As we move towards a developed nation, the common man at the grassroots level also wants to be taken along; hence, the strong Bharat remains the focal point.”

Due to increasing urbanization, the values ​​of civilization have started to decrease; this should be reflected in the With that in mind, all-round development of the rural areas should be done, for these special schemes of the Modi government are underway, the reflection of which has started to be seen in the economy. 

Through rural development, India’s path to becoming a superpower will become easier. It should be noted that we are recording an excellent performance after the Corona period compared to other countries.” Sitharaman further said.