SkyTech TK110HW Foldable Drone Detailed Review


Sideways from racing drones that is today becoming widespread, additional area of drones that is nowadays gaining attention is the foldable drones, drone fans favor it above the fix body drone otherwise even from a trivial drone due to its movability and its advanced look and design.

One of the finest and newest drone right now in the marketplace is the Skytech TK110HW, a quadcopter drone by foldable arms, in addition to the landing skid.

Design plus Flying Features – the SkyTech Tk110HW is one of the greatest looking drone yet in the marketplace, it is light weight, great foldable design the drone evaluates around .3900 kg only.

When binding the drone toward the transmitter, distinct other preceding drone that we have tried, the TK110HW do not need any additional or special stages to bind to the receiver. Just turn on the drone through pressing numerous seconds, the LED on the power switch lights up plus blinks, repeatedly searching for the receiver waiting for the effective pairing. While the receiver is turned-on, the drone effectively binds by the transmitter, the LED on the power switch stops blinking as well as on a steady mode.

Crashes plus bumps is portion of flying the drone, it is a good item that SkyTech TK110HW derives with an in-built landing skid plus a free propeller protector.

Remote Control – If you want toward have the SkyTech TK110, I recommend you to get the WIFI FPV form (SkyTech TK110HW), this version offers more fun while you are flying the drone, and it provides you a bird’s eye view of the environs in real time. This is likely by downloading the app that is accessible both iOS plus Android platform.

SkyTech TK110HW RC Quadcopter is furnished with smartphone or clip holder where you put your smart phone that serves as a sight finder. Thus far the remote control of SkyTech is one of the well-built remote in its value range. The location of main button controls is pretty available, with power switch on the middle, the LCD screen is one the bottommost and with its trimming just under the two joystick. The photograph and video switch only works while the phone is not on WIFI mode when you start the WIFI camera as well as use your smart phone, please take note that the switches on the remote control is inactivated.

Video plus Photos – for the photographs, it is only 0.3 MP, so do not expect too much on the excellence. If you got the WIFI form, all the panels for the photo plus video is on the smart phone app, for the video its 720p which is ok, not that inspiring it’s ok. If you have the non WIFI FPV form, please take note that the regulator for taking video otherwise photos is on the remote control.