Everything You Love At One Place on Your Android Phone


Remember the time when people used to maintain book and movie collections? Following the digitalization of the world, the book collection is now maintained on their mobiles as e-books. But it is not the same with the video and movie collection given the size of the files. Whatever the internet accessing device it may be there is a constraint on what you can store on it.

This constraint gave way to storage devices like External Hard drives with a huge amount of space in them, as large as 1 and 2 Terabytes. This has solved the complication of unavailability of space but the underlying problem which requires the person to carry the drive everywhere remained. This has become a huge inconvenience to every person out there. No person wants to carry another piece of device with him except his phone.And if the phone cannot offer the storage space he wants, it definitely is a crisis that needs to be solved.

And solving this crisis, the entertainment providers have opened up online access to every type of entertainment via Smartphone Apps. The creation of Android Apps that can provide live TV has made it possible to access all the TV shows, Movies, and Entertainment programs from anywhere at any time. The live TV application for Android has broken any barriers left in the access of entertainment through Smartphones and Smart Apps.

You can access Indian TV channels and watch literally watch any show from all the existing languages in India. Be it the top TV Channels in Hindi like Star Plus, Sony, Zee etc., or Tamil/ Telugu Channels like Gemini, Maa, Sun TV etc., or the major channels from languages like Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi etc. Any Indian TV channel is available to watch live using live TV Android apps.

There are numerous live TV apps for Android  Smart phones which can provide a great deal of entertainment on the go. The list isn’t limited to TV serials and movies but includes sports, reality shows, Award Functions, etc. This means you can catch the popular shows like India’s Got Talent on Colors, Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon on Star Plus, Zee Cine Awards on Zee TV, Bigg Boss Telugu on Star Maa, Blockbuster movies on Gemini TV, Bigg Boss Tamil on Star Vijay, and any known popular show on your smart phone, at your convenience.

The apps also support video on demand and catch up features from various service providers which will let you watch your favorite movie or a missed episode of a TV serial from your home, place of work, or a street café. Apart from this there are plenty of websites that offer you movies on demand. You can watch any movie from any language on demand. It doesn’t matter if it is a new one or old one, all you need is a decent internet connection. These websites are providing the chance to watch the latest of movies for a decent price too. Now, if this isn’t luxury, then what is?