Shocking Revelation: Israel’s Territory Hit by Only Seven Ballistic Missiles – What’s the Secret Behind the Remarkable Defense?

Iran-Israel war

According to Israel’s Foreign Ministry, Israel achieved a successful interception of 99% of aerial threats launched by Iran. 

Of the 331 missiles and drones launched by Iran at Israel:

-185 out of 185 Kamikaze Drone were shot down

-103 out of 110 Ballistic Missiles were shot down

-36 out of 36 Cruide=se Missiles were shot down

Isreal’s 3-Level Air Defence System

Israel uses three integrated air defense systems to confront incoming rockets and missiles.


It was implemented in 2011, and this technology has destroyed tons of missiles targeting enemy territory. Its range is from 4 to 70 Km. The system uses radar to detect incoming rockets. Meanwhile, it is also very smart to disregard attacks that don’t pose a threat to life and property.


In 2017, the Israeli firm Rafael (Not Rafale of France) developed this technology to destroy missiles from the 40 to 300 Km range. Its purpose is to intercept short-range ballistic missiles, large-caliber rockets, and cruise missiles.


It can intercept medium-range ballistic missiles up to 2400 km. Missiles (Arrow 2 for lower altitude, and Arrow 3 for higher altitude). It uses faster ‘hypersonic’ missiles to hit targets. It was implemented in 2017, and it demonstrated its efficiency last Nov when it intercepted missiles fired by Houthis.

How Israel’s Iron Dome defense system works

Iranian armed forces chief Mohammad Bagheri told state TV that “Operation Honest Promise” was completed successfully. Will Israel strike back at Iran? And if so, how can it impact us? Let’s see how the Isreal-Iran conflict goes on. 

Dr. S Jaishanker, Foreign Minister of India, talked with both countries and requested peace.