Maidan Movie Review: A Movie Worth Watching!

Maidan Movie Review
Maidan Movie Review

Amit Sharma’s depiction of Indian football’s golden era hits the mark in terms of skill, but it could use some extra excitement to really stand out.

Bollywood actor Ajay Devagan is the only one who can hit his movie without any controversy, useless promotion, or spending 300 to 400 cr on a budget. He is perfection in his style and acting. Which movie can be remade? He is the only one who can do this task snappily.

After a two-year wait since his last film, Runway 32, Devgan returns to the screen with Maidan. The movie was originally supposed to be released four years ago but is finally hitting theaters with an unexpected twist.

Keeping the audience engaged for three hours, especially in sports dramas, is a challenge, but Maidan manages to hold its own. Devgan’s portrayal of a coach rallying a disunited team of 11 players towards a common goal strikes a chord with themes of unity and national pride.

The movie is not so bad, but while coming, it becomes too late in today’s scenario. The storyline of the movie is already known and does not need any definition. 11 players who play individually but are unable to unite as a team. 

Here Ajay Devgan entered this movie, and in all 11 players, he successfully set their goals to triumph for the nation. In this approach, you will see tons of speed breakers like (money, power, and politics). And how a team forms up after all these hurdles, is amazing to watch in theatre. 

At last, the grand finale unfolds with the stage adorned, and the Indian national flag soaring high in the sky. It’s a mesmerizing spectacle, witnessing the intense ground battles and the exhilarating last moments, where even the most astute minds are left bewildered.

Now, have you listened to or read these types of scripts in the last few years? Yes, Shahrukh Khan- CHAK DE INDIA, Akashy Kumar- GOLD, or the new latest release-83.

However, this movie can still impact the audience only through Ajay Devgan’s performance. And guess what? The same has been delivered. 

Maidan divides the audience into two distinct groups: those who are passionate about football and those who simply enjoy watching movies. And let me assure you, Ajay Devgan’s performance resonates deeply with both factions of the audience–showcasing his ability to connect effortlessly with diverse viewers through his acting prowess.

Maidan is a biopic of Coach Rahim. Ajay Devgan has truly delivered the role. Have you remembered ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI-the same strong role you can watch in Maidan.

You are not a football lover? Do not hesitate to book a ticket, as you are going to watch the real cinema represented in the movie that you will love.

Amit Sharma directs the movie. He is known for his BADHAI HO and knows all the technical aspects of emotional cinema. When the climax is over, and you are all set to leave the theatre, you will have no complaints about this movie.

Despite its delayed release, Maidan has something for everyone, from its technical brilliance to its emotional depth. The music by AR Rahman adds an extra layer of magic, making Maidan an unforgettable cinematic experience.

In my view, Bollywood seems hesitant to take risks and foster innovation in Indian cinema. The theater screens repeatedly showcase the same old scripts, lacking freshness and originality. 

It’s high time for Bollywood to step up, embrace change, and venture into uncharted territories in filmmaking. A prime example of this forward-thinking approach is the movie Jhund, featuring Amitabh Bachchan, which I recently watched. It delivered a truly epic experience, introducing novel elements and pushing the boundaries of storytelling. 

Bollywood can learn from such endeavors and strive to bring more innovation to the silver screen.

Abcr News gives Maidan 4 out of 5 stars, praising its exceptional performances, emotional impact, and gripping climax, while acknowledging its reliance on familiar tropes

Watch Maidan and share your thoughts on this inspiring tale of triumph and unity.