Hong Kong Bans MDH & EVEREST After Singapore. What You Need to Know?

MDH Everest Ban

After Singapore, Hong Kong food safety department took action against MDH & EVEREST, alleging the presence of ethylene oxide.

Everest sells 60 types of spices, out of these, only 1 spice is banned (FISH CURRY MASALA). On the other hand, MDH has a range of 62 products available, and out of these, 3 spices (SAMBHAR MASALA, MADARAS CURRY MASALA, AND CURRY POWDER) have been banned due to the presence of ethylene oxide (Group 1 Carcinogen). 

The MDH & Everest packages of the spice have come under the radar.

The Centre of Food Safety (CSF) said in a statement issued on April 5, 2024, “The CFS collected the above-mentioned samples from three retail outlets in Tsim Sha Tsui respectively for testing under its routine Food Surveillance Programme. 

The test results showed that the samples contained a pesticide, ethylene oxide. The CFS has informed the vendors concerned of the irregularities and instructed them to stop sales and remove from shelves the affected products. 

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Source: thehindubusinessline