Top 5 boutiques of Shahpur Jat


Shahpur Jat is almost like a village in its ruins but is house to the budding amateur designers who are doing great work in the world of fashion. The main area of the designers is commonly known as the JUNGI HOUSE. But there are people with limited knowledge about SPJ, who find it difficult to make proper choice from the vast number of shops scattered in the market. to make their shopping easy, here is a list of the top boutiques you will come across in this market zone of the capital city, Delhi.


Monika and Nidhi

Better known for its lighter occasion outfits, Shahpur Jat store Monica & Nidhi houses amazing designs of Indian silhouettes. Their range of floor length Anarkali-gowns and lehenga sarees are considered perfect for lighter occasions as well as is apt for the bride’s sisters and friends to wear for wedding invitation. The apparel ranges start from a price worth Rs 18000 and above.

Bhumika Grover

Bhumika Grover, one of the leading designers of the fashion industry; is well known for her splendid collection of anarkalies with a starting price of Rs 25000. The pastel pink anarkali with a chikan embroidery work all over the bodice along with a silver waist band is a must of the bride’s sister. You will love the collection that she has got for you and cannot leave the store without grabbing one from the plethora of designs dangling in front of your eyes.

1600 AD

1600 AD is a well-known boutique of Shahpur Jat that has a really edgy sort of sinister looking clothes.  This boutique is famous for its concept sarees and gowns which are nice to wear with a sense of fashion ahead. A navy blue saree with black and plain thread work all over the nine yard length will surely drag your attention that you won’t like to miss. The ranges here start from 30 K and go upward. All the products are made from durable material ensuring a long lasting “paisa wosul”use.

Kaira loves cute style

If you are a lover of neon and bright colors, then you have surely made a right choice opting for Kaira as your shopping destination. This apparel outlet has got some uber and bright colors that you had been looking for all the while. The bright color light weighted lehengas is a perfect choice for the bride’s friends. Even the bride can choose one to wear for her mehendi ceremony. Outside the JUNGI HOUSE, you can also make a choice to make a worth buying from stores like Madsam Tinzein, House of fashion from Preeti S Kapoor, Agunj, House of Ombre, NIkasha and many more. This shopping zone of the capital city Delhi is one of the favorite places for shoppers and if you are a bride, awaiting your marriage; it a recommended shopping destination for you and your mates to make a single from the array of styles, colors and designs offered by this place. Get a place for this shopping destination in your wardrobe available at a pocket fitting budget