Heavy Rainfall Leads to Power Outages in Various Parts of Delhi

Heavy rainfall leads to power outage

NEW DELHI: Heavy rainfall on Friday morning caused power outages in multiple parts of Delhi, officials reported. Representatives from the city’s power distribution companies (discoms) indicated that the disruptions resulted from technical issues and preventive actions in waterlogged areas.

Residents of Dwarka, Jangpura, and Laxmi Nagar reported losing electricity as soon as the rain began in their neighborhoods. A discom official stated that the heavy rainfall damaged power lines, poles, and other infrastructure throughout different parts of the capital, leading to the outages. However, repair efforts to restore power were quickly underway, the official noted.

According to the official, the power supply was temporarily cut off in several areas to prevent incidents of electrocution. The heavy rains that struck Delhi early Friday morning resulted in widespread waterlogging on roads across the city and caused part of the roof at Terminal 1 of the Delhi airport to collapse.

“The Safdarjung weather station registered 153.7 mm of rain starting around 3 am.” The India Meteorological Department defines very heavy rainfall as precipitation between 124.5 and 244.4 mm within a 24-hour period.