Ram Navami 2024: World Celebrates the Birth of Lord Rama on April 17.

Ram Navami 2024
Ram Navami 2024

Chaitra Navratri began on Tuesday, April 9, and will conclude on Wednesday, April 17, with the festival of Ram Navami.

Ram Navami is considered to be the day of the incarnation of Lord Rama – the seventh version of Lord Vishnu. Ram Navami is associated with the Hindu festival that marks the birth celebration of Lord Rama. The Navami of Shukla Paksha in Chaitra month is the day when Ram Navami is celebrated.

The auspicious yearly coincidence occurs on the closing day of Chaitra Navratri celebrations. On the 9th day of Chaitra Navratri, Durga Mata and Sidhidatri, Durga Mata’s incarnation, are worshipped.

The seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu is known as Rama. His father was king Dasharatha of the Ayodhya kingdom, and his mother was queen Kaushalya. Rama was born as their eldest son. Sage Rama is the avatar of truth, chivalry, justice, and kindness.

He had every single quality that an ideal person should possess, apart from the fact that he was known as Maryada Purushottama. The festival is rooted in the triumph of good over evil, depicting how Rama lived and prevailed.

Ram Navami Shubh Muhurat ( शुभ मुहूर्त )

  • Rama Navami 2024 on Wednesday, April 17
  • Rama Navami 2024 Madhyahna Muhurat – 11:03 am to 01:38 pm
  • Ram Navami 2024 Duration – 02 hours 35 minutes

Ram Navami Rituals & Celebrations

Ram Navami is liked very much for prayers, processions, and gifts for the people/worshipers. Ayodhya becomes the stage for Ram Navami celebrations, where people from all corners of the country and around the world join in the rituals and attain the blessings of Lord Ram.

During Ram Navami and the last day of Navratri- the fast is observed on the day by devotees. On behalf of the devotees of Lord Rama, portions from the scriptures like Ramayana and Shrimad Bhagavatam are read. Lord Rama with Sita Mata, Lakshman, and Hanuman are also the gods who are worshipped on this day amongst others. Ram Navami falls in March-April months as per the Gregorian calendar.

Wishing you all a Happy Ram Navami.