Teaching how to drive: How to choose a driving instructor?


According to official statistics, 9 percent of accidents per years are caused by vehicle owners, who recently received their driver’s license. This is because the new drivers want to show off a little and demonstrate everyone how well and fast they can drive a car. They get a Hyundai (Santa Fe model) for instance, which has quite a lot of horsepower and put the pedal to the metal. However, then they get into accidents due to lack of experience and knowledge gained.

The main thing in the process of teaching a person how to drive is the practical skills of accident-free driving. No theory can replace them. Therefore, a car instructor plays a major role in a student’s learning process. An instructor has to be a high-class professional and they should have a high level of education and methodical preparation. However, the main thing for any student is a demonstrative example of the teacher.

Most regular driving schools do not care about an individual approach. If you are lucky, a car instructor will give you some important driving tricks, but it is likely that they will just give you a set of common rules. Practical driving skills should be given in the full measure, and if you are not confident about your skills, then you should receive additional driving hours.

If you have a choice, you should opt for a private instructor. The main requirements for such an instructor would be a great experience and a good attitude to students. They should be a psychologist in some way because every student needs an individual approach. Some need an instructor who could raise voice at them whereas for others it is totally unacceptable.

An instructor should not only give practical driving skills but also tell you some secrets from their driving experience. There are some instructors who only teach to drive strictly by the rules and do exercises for the exams and they do not care about how you are going to drive once you receive a driver’s license. This is the wrong approach.

Starting from the first day of learning, your instructor should tell you how to drive a car properly so that you neither break rules nor get into an accident in the future. A good instructor should teach you the rules of safe driving – this is the only way you can get a high-quality driving experience.

After passing a driving test, many newly minted drivers want to show what they have learned at the driver’s school and how well they can now drive. And then they get into \ accidents. How do you avoid that? Instructors recommend you admit you are a novice by putting a “learner driver” sign on the rear window. This way, drivers around you will be more tolerant towards your mistakes and will help you in some situations.

As for the kind of car you should get as your first car, we suggest you opt for a relatively inexpensive one. So you can click here to buy Toyota Corolla or something similar.

While we still have the impersonal approach to learning, the situation on the roads will not change and will there will be a lot of novice drivers who cannot drive properly and who break traffic rules.