Cool Tips to make your Guitar strumming sound awesome


Guitar sometimes forces us to do some weird actions which our brain setup doesn’t confirm by default. It is not a natural tendency of the conscious mind to concentrate on multiple things simultaneously.

Do you know of any two things which you can do together? We can take the example of singing and playing guitar together, not easy, is it? singing and playing guitar are two actions which you have been doing all your life. You are an expert in both the activities and can performing amazingly well if you do them individually, but the moment you want to do them together, it becomes difficult. Similarly, In Guitar, There is one missing thing you need and that is rhythm/strumming. You need to maintain a rhythm while performing both the things(Chords & Strumming). Rhythm provides you with a reference point which gives support to both of your activities. Due to this, Many of the Guitar players at all levels of proficiency becomes frustrated as they can’t get a good, clean strum while playing chords and strumming simultaneously.

So, to solve this problem, Here are some juicy tips which Guitar players should know to get a good strumming sound :

  • Use Picks :

Unless you want to strum with your bare thumb, use flat picks for strumming. While holding the pick, Your grip should be flexible & also strong enough to hold on so as to not drop the pick. After getting a good grip, Play with them for a while, and you’ll eventually settle on the one that feels the most comfortable and gives you the sound you want.

  • Learn the Basics Guitar Posture :

Holding the guitar too low while standing, can also create a problem in strumming. So to avoid this, try to adjust the guitar strap so that the guitar hits you across the chest and torso and so that both hands can access the guitar comfortably. If you’re seated, hold the guitar so that it leans towards you very slightly, once again making it easy for both hands to negotiate your instrument.

  • Listen To The Rhythm :

Strumming patterns involves strumming down and strumming up. Sometimes, players get overly focused by when their hand needs to go down or up. Don’t forget: strumming a guitar is all about timing and creating a solid rhythm. You need to think like a drummer: your main job is to keep up the groove. That’s why it’s super important to always hear the groove you want to create in your head first. You need to know what you want the rhythm to sound like before you can create it. You can get to learn from few follow along tutorial Time machine agsunta chords and Nagbabakasakali chords at

  • Practicing The Rhythm :

Pinch each of the actions(Timing and Rhythm) individually into your mind while practicing strumming. To do this, take a rhythm device like a metronome or drum machine, and choose to say a simple 8 beat pattern with a speed of 60 beats per minute. Practice your strumming with metronome separately. You can pick any strumming pattern of your liking and play it according to the chords you are using. Suppose you have a pattern of DUDU_DUD, align this strumming pattern with beat pattern and practice.

  • Practice, practice, and practice :

If someone is talking about a technique or tips, Practice word will surely come. To master anything in the world, you first have to practice that thing, in order to get success. You must always remember to practice playing your guitar, which will serve as the best strategy for improving your skills. add some fun to your practice and enjoy yourself to make the time spent with your guitar worthwhile. If you find it difficult to play or strum the guitar properly, do not push yourself too hard. Instead of allowing the stress to build up, put down the guitar and go about your business until you are focused and determined to progress.

While practicing, be sure to spend time on the tempo and the chords of a song. Always remember that the guitar is not a form of work, but a form of creativity. So, Pick up your guitar, follow these 5 tips and work your way up to greatness.

Happy Jamming!!