Types of Doors for your Home


Readymade doors means the doors, which have been already made and displayed in a showroom and one can choose according to their desire while buying them. These doors create an access to the house or between two rooms or a room and a balcony. They are available in various shapes, sizes, designs and materials. Before buying readymade doors, one needs to know about the varieties so that they can easily choose a desired one for their home.

  • Wooden Doors: These are the traditional doors, which have been used in houses for a long time. They are attractive and have a high longevity. The longevity and the carved design though depend on what wood is taken as a raw material to make the door. Mainly readymade wooden doors are made of timber, which leads to a stylish and durable door.door
  • Flush Door: These doors are gaining popularity day by day because of its available designs and trendy set ups. They are durable and cost less, for which they are affordable to most of the buyers. Flush doors are available in different dark colors, and thus, one can match them with their room walls. The only disadvantage of this door is that they get expanded or contracted according to the weather.
  • Paneled Door: This type of door has a frame, which is grooved inside the edges so that, one or more than one panel can be made. Each door can consist up to 10 panels depending on the architectural style. The panels are made of timber, fiber, ply wood or block board. The cost of the door depends on the material with which the panels are made of.
  • Glazed Door: These doors are made of wooden stiles and glass panels. These doors are mainly used in showrooms, hotels and departmental stores to make it look more attractive. Sometimes, in residential buildings, these doors are used as a partition, which makes it look beautiful. The panels that are used here are made of glasses instead of wood and ply, which are used to make paneled doors.
  • Wire gauge Door: These are also known as the fly proof doors. They are fixed to provide air circulation and prevent mosquitoes and other flies to enter the house. The doorframe has double panels, which are made of wire gauge instead of wooden or glass panels.
  • Plastic Door: The advantage of these doors is that they remain unaffected when it comes in contact with water or other liquids. They are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. These doors are mainly used as bathroom or washroom doors. Plastic doors are mainly moisture and chemical resistant, but they are not as durable as wooden or panel doors.
  • Doors are mainly used to provide safety. A door is attached to a wall to keep it safe from the outside. Thus, a readymade door should be bought keeping in mind the durability of the door, which depends on the material by which the door is made of. This will help one to choose the right door.