Sturdier and Brutish Version of Mahindra Thar


Hyundai and Maruti have been the leading car manufacturers in the country andare a household name. Hyundai is officially the second largest car manufacturer in the country. They have brought a revolution in the affordable range of hatchback and sedans and equipped with the best in class facilities have made them edge ahead of the competition in the country. The car marker has teased a new release of few of their previously launched car which is given a facelift and is equipped with even better body kits and features.

The imminent launch of a better version of Hyundai Santro

The new age version of the older and successful model of Santro is to be launched in the upcoming month, and it has already generated quite a bit of hype. This new model of Santro car 2018 is unofficially termed as Hyundai AH2, but the confirmation will be done by the month of October. Like its predecessor, this one will also host 1.1 litre, four-cylinder petrol engine which also powered the i10.  This soon to launch in the market car in the hatchback segment is given a proper design crafted by renowned designers which would ensure roomy cabin space.

Facelift of MarutiErtiga

This already successful model of Maruti Ertiga is about to get a better facelift following its vast success in the consumer market. This has been modified in every aspect to ensure even a better result for the manufacturers.  This newly launched version of the Ertiga will not only bemore significant than its previous model but also offers a better and more powerful petrol engine. That is a 1.5-litre K15B motor which will also debut with the new facelift version of new Ciaz. It will be supported with the newly launched HEARTECT lightweight platform.  It is equipped with a wide array of modern features which would make it a sure hit in the consumer market. The new features include projector headlamps, fog lights, chrome handles and grill design, Electric and foldable mirror as well as better leg space and larger cabin space.  It has done great modifications on the design aspect of the car, giving it a much premium look.

The cut-throat market of the car has been on the increase due to the vast numbers of cars launched in the recent times, and they have no intention of stopping. The market of affordable range hatchback and sedans for the general use of the public has been on the rise due to which the car manufacturers are also eager and enthusiastic about adding new features, giving a facelift to the older generations to retain a top spot in the market.

Hyundai and Maruti have always been one of the top-selling car manufacturers in the country. They have seen a small decline in the sales aspect due to various new cars as well as manufacturer entering the market. But the new upcoming launches of the car have ensured that they will retain the top spot in the quarter and their imminent launch of the cars in the coming month have already garneredplenty of interest in the market and have been getting good reviews.