Air India is helping Air India Express in this challenging situation by operating flights on 20 different routes

Air India Express

The airline has taken some serious action by giving termination letters to a few of the protesting employees. They’ve let go of around 25 senior cabin crew members after more than a hundred of them took sick leave together. They’re making straightforward changes to address the situation.

Air India Express has canceled 74 flights due to the ongoing protest by some cabin crew members. But here’s some good news. Air India has come to the rescue by supporting passengers facing disruptions. They will be operating flights on 20 routes of Air India Express.

On Wednesday, the airline took the severe disciplinary action and gave termination letters to some protesting employees. As reported by The Indian Express, around 25 senior cabin crew members were let go after more than a hundred took mass sick leave. The Indian Express, the letters were sent via email and were strongly worded. 

They mentioned that the employees’ actions were seen as a deliberate and coordinated refusal to work without a valid reason. The letter also blamed the protesting members for damaging the brand’s reputation and causing financial loss. The remaining crew members have been given a deadline of 4 PM today to get back to work.