‘New Variant’ of Coronavirus Identified in UK


A new variant of covid-19 has been found in London and the city is under tier 3 lockdown since Wednesday. UK scientists have named the new variant as “VUI 202012/01”. This includes a genetic mutation in the “spike” protein – the part that helps it infect cells, which – in theory – could result in COVID-19 spreading more easily between people. However, it is not yet clear whether these are making SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus more infectious, said a group of scientists tracking the genetics of the virus.

The World Health Organization has been already informed about the new variant and scientists have started investigating the new revelation. At least 60 different local authorities had recorded Covid infections caused by the new variant, said Health Secretary Matt Hancock. The British government on Monday cited a rise in new infections, which it said may be partly linked to the new variant. To stop the spread of disease The lockdown will be imposed in its capital city and other areas even as the UK has started mass vaccinations for the existing COVID-19. Under the Tier 3 restrictions, which is almost a complete lockdown. all hospitality venues, like restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes will be shut except for takeout and delivery. Indoor entertainment venues – such as bowling alleys and cinemas – will stay closed. People will not be allowed to travel to and from tier three areas. The UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock told the parliament that “swift and decisive” actions were needed as the doubling rate of COVID-19 has hit just in seven days in several parts of London