How to have fun with your friends during lockdown


Ever since the corona virus made its entry in most of the world in the early spring, a lot of countries around the world have been in on and off lockdown, depending on how the situation has been in each country. Nonetheless everybody has probably tried to be in a lockdown, where you’re only supposed to see a limited number of friends and family. When you increase the amount of time you spend indoors, you also have to come up with more activities to do when being at home. But maybe you have a hard time figuring out what to do at home and how you can still have fun with your closest friends even though you have to stay at home. In this article we give you three ideas for how to have fun with your friends during lockdown. You can do the activities with your friends both by being physically together or by being together via video chat.

Play games

It’s always fun to play games with your friends because there are so many different types of games you can play. You can play board games or quiz games and in most games you can be from two to eight players which makes it possible for you to team up with your best mate. If it’s not possible for you to physically be together, you can also play online games. If you’re looking for new adventures, you could even try to play online casino. You can challenge each other and try out some different casinos, and if you, for example, are interested in online gambling in India, you can check out the best indian casinos to see which one you want to try out.

Watch movies

Another idea for you and your friends is to watch movies together. You can start a movie club where you each take turns deciding which movie to watch and then you can spend some time discussing the movie afterwards. If you can’t be physically together while watching the movies, you can also do it separately. You all just start the movie at the same time and then you can share your thoughts about the movie afterwards.

Make lots of great food

The best thing to make anyone happy is food. Preferably lots of it. You can have a lot of fun with your friends by spending time making great food. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also do baking projects together. This activity can also be done even though you can’t be physically together. You all just agree on something you want to make, and then you all make it individually at home and meet up on video chat to eat it together.