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How to Design A Small Business Website That Looks and Performs Great


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The greatest of entrepreneurial ideas can fail dismally if the marketing is not good enough, and in today’s net-connected world, having a website that looks good and performs as well is no longer a luxury. Undoubtedly, the number of issues that need consideration for building a smart and functional website that serves to lock in the user and achieves a high rate of conversion can seem daunting. Some useful tips:

Give Priority to Quality over Quantity 

Many small business owners try to make their website do everything that they can think of when first conceptualizing it. Instead of compromising the quality of the development in the effort to include everything, it is far more sensible to make a start with a website that can possibly do less but offers a very high quality of user experience. By keeping a tight focus on the features and functionality of a slimmer website, you will be able to allocate your resources better and achieve superior quality.

Ensure That the CTA Is Highly-Visible

While original and relevant content combined with a user-friendly interface will act to increase the curiosity level of the users and the desire to transact, this will only be possible if your website builds in a call-to-action or CTA button that is placed properly and designed in such a way that it just cannot be missed. The best CTAs build in an incentive to buy, make inquiries, and subscribe to newsletters or whatever you desire the user to do. Visit lasvegaswebdesignco.com/home to see some outstanding examples of CTA design and placement.

Make Maximum Use of Images & Videos

While a certain amount of text may be necessary, the features of the product are often best told through pictures. If your business is operating in a sector that is visually attractive such as graphic arts, food and beverage, fashion and lifestyle, etc. including pictures of your products is extremely important and critical for generating leads and accomplishing sales conversions. Particularly effective are video clips that show the product in action so that users know how exactly it works and what benefits it brings.

Ensure the Site Is Mobile Optimized and Loads Quickly

With mobiles and portable devices accounting for a lion’s share of browsing, you need to ensure that the website has been properly optimized for portable devices. Since the screen sizes vary considerably, the website design has to be responsive so that the contents are properly displayed on the screens. You also need to take great care that the loading time is very quick. Typically, it has been observed that if the site does not load within three seconds, as many as 39% of users will abandon it.


Website development for a small business does not have to be messy or an expensive affair. Focus on delivering the maximum value to the user in such a way that the customer will be delighted with the experience and will stay loyal to your brand forever.

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ABCR News editor
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