Sam Zherka Shows How Little Sacrifices Can Bring A Broader Smile on Tiny Faces?

Broader Smile on Tiny Faces

Hunger is a pain that can distort the peace of mind and set people mad. How does it feel? Ask one who has felt it, and he will be at a total loss of word because it is a sensation that cannot be described in words. The churning pain and immense pressure on the nerves can easily describe that this isn’t physical at all. And even the toughest of the men have surrendered to hunger at one stage of life.

So, while one can have a rough idea about how the feeling is, it gets really easy to understand how it might get for the children to face it every single day. So the main idea is to remove such a condition because there is no way, a man can even afford feeling pity for another just because there’s no square meal to gather. Sam Zherka, is a name that comes up in lives of tiny tots as Santa Claus and ushers them with gifts and food. This is not what he does for he feels pity for them. He himself is a father of eight children and has seen what poverty is while he was a young kid. It is the personal experience of these days, which have actually made him feel the conditions of kids.

Today Sam Zherka is indeed a successful man in life, but there are hard times which have actually made these days so glorious for him. Sam’s father was a gem of a person, and he believed that life is not meant to be lived for anyone in particular. The man was born as a social being, and he is ought to die so as well. So right from the beginning, he had taught him to live in the community, grow among them, and finally live out for the community. It is the seeds of good education that bore out such a man out of him.

Being a successful business man in the real estate market, he gathers every possible resource and tries to make the best use for the hapless kids in his community and even across. He finds a bright future in all of them and dreams of building up a community where there will be no discrimination that will determine which stomach will be fed, and which ones are going to sleep hungry.

But these charitable activities don’t alienate Sam Zherka from his family at all because he believes that charity begins at home. With eight lovely children and a loving wife, he just makes a complete family. He believes that a complete man is one who can draw a perfect equation between his professional, personal and social life. A man is ought to grow up and live in the society but that is not meant to snatch away all the years of his life. His success is in not just partnering with multiple international companies who invest in his projects, but in tying up with those people who help him invest emotionally every single second in life.