How to Get the Best Web-Based SMS Gateway for Business Enterprises


The current era should be known by the name “time of wireless means of communication.” This has helped to bring the entire world on a common platform, where the entire globe is a marketplace and online ecommerce sites are ready showcasing their merchandise by various ways and means.

Sending SMS has now become one of the most attractive and popular means of marketing goods and services and advertising business enterprises. The journey of the SMS services has been very interesting, and its rise in fame has also been a matter of only a couple of decades or so.

The Evolution of SMS Service

Even a few decades back, SMS or short messaging services were confined to individuals sending simple text messages to friends and relatives, or short formal instructions by the office boss to the staff and managers. But, with the turn of the century, SMS services have gained a lot of importance as far as being acting as a marketing tool is concerned. In this context, a sound SMS gateway is sought by many organisations, so that a steady communication flow can be maintained with the customers.

SMS Gateway Service Providers – Know All About Them

You can have a dedicated SMS gateway for your exclusive use. But this is costly and difficult to maintain. There are many SMS gateway services available in the public domain that offer the same solutions but at much economical terms.

The SMS gateway services, offer different packages to different types of users, thus taking care of the specific needs of the business enterprises and meting out solutions in those specific lines. With the SMS gateway, you will be able to send and receive SMS’s through different computer applications. The gateway provider will provide you with a customised solution so that various communication requirements of your company can be addressed.

You can send bulk SMS using SMS gateway from the e-mail on the computer. This way typing out the message becomes very easy with the bigger keyboard, rather than using the small and inconvenient keypad of your mobile phone.

Using the Same Database of Customers in Various Departments

For sending bulk SMS to the prospective clients, you do not need to ask your marketing department to enter the details of each customer individually. The SMS gateway can make use of the existing customer database that has all the relevant details and is highly consolidated. Thus, the entire process of sending SMS to the target audience becomes very easy and a much faster process. You can also monitor and control the entire process of sending the SMS and receiving responses in a better-consolidated way.

You can also use the SMS gateway to select the specific computer applications that will be able to send out text messages. Through the gateway service provider, you can convert your computer programs that are used to send out text messages to SMS enabled systems.

Advantages of Text Messaging

Taking recourse to an SMS gateway has now been an integral part of the marketing methods of many companies. This is because of the positive response rate that has been produced by SMS system. In fact, the SMS gateway may be used even to maintain a sustained relationship with your existing customers, as well as to deal with issues in finance, IT and employee relationship.