How Good Illustrations Enhance A Children Book’s Impact? Find Out Here


Writing a children’s book is a challenging job. Despite taking care of every aspect of the story, you might fail to strike the right chord with your readers. Sometimes, the flaw is not in the style of writing but in the way the writing has been presented. Remember, a book’s success depends on a lot of things. And achieving success becomes more difficult when the book you are writing targets the minor audience. Thankfully, there are ways in which the impact of a book can be improved. One of the best out of which would be including illustrations. If you are wondering how good illustrations enhance the impact of a children’s book, then here is what you need to read-

  • Illustrations add that much-required drama in a children’s book. One thing you will have to agree to is that Children book illustrator love things blown out of proportion. They don’t want their heroes to ride their horses on difficult roads, they want them to fly. And for expressing things in an exaggerated manner, illustrations immensely help. With the right illustrations, a book gets that dreamy touch it deserves. It is, in fact, easy to woo kids with catchy illustrations. So, they are undeniably a must for children’s books.
  • Beautiful illustrative figures make a children’s book more appealing. Words are boring. This may not apply to grownups but, to kids, it does apply fully. Kids want their books to look attractive. True, there are many ways to make a children’s book appear attractive such as using glossy pages or getting the story printed in some fun font. But what almost always works is the use of creative illustrations. The impact is even higher when there is generous use of colors in the illustrations.
  • Illustrations make the story in a book more understandable. Now, this is a point that you simply can’t deny. While words do much of the work, illustrations fill the gaps. Also, children remember what they see, better than what they read. So, in case it is a knowledge-based book you are writing for kids to read and remember its content, then the use of illustrations in it is almost indispensable. 
  • Those children who can’t read properly will be able to understand the story in your book by looking at the illustrations used in it. And that is why illustrations are such an important part of books meant for small kids. Younger kids either can’t read, or even if they can, they can’t make full sense of what they read. And that is the reason they always love to read books packed with illustrations.

So, it is pretty clear from the discussion above that children book illustrations help immensely when it comes to leaving an impact on the readers. And that is why every writer should consider hiring an illustrator for their books. But just because you are in an urgent need for an illustrator or you want to save on a few bucks, you shouldn’t hire someone randomly. Your decision to hire a particular illustrator should be a well-thought-out one.