7 Emerging Travel Destinations For 2019


Traveling is one of the best activities of man. We travel for different purpose however an ideal destination is our most preferred question. Which destination will you choose? This is an important question which is to be answered by you. The year 2019 is going on and you have to choose some ideal number of destinations for traveling and tourism. There are lots of extraordinary and beautiful places on Earth. You can choose any of your favorite destinations. Different countries have their features. You can book PIA Airline Ticket Price to go to different destinations from Pakistan. Let’s now move on to our traveling destinations for 2019.

1. Nepal

Nepal is the main South Asian country which is known for traveling and tourism. The tallest mountain of the world is Mount Everest and it is located in Nepal. Most of the tourists arrive in Nepal because of climbing on this famous mountain. Tourists come from all over the world to Nepal. You can try out wildlife safaris, trekking, and paragliding, bumper jumping and rafting there. The country had suffered heavy losses in 2015 when it was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. From that time, it is being repaired. Different infrastructures needed to be constructed again and again. Kathmandu is the top tourist destination for adventure seekers. There are many busy markets and historic temples to explore in Kathmandu.

2. Myanmar

Military rule was present in Myanmar for many years, therefore, the travelers and tourists couldn’t arrive in the country and carry out their activities. The tourism industry in the country also suffered because of getting competition from the neighboring countries Thailand and Vietnam. The future of the tourism industry seems to be brighter. 

Myanmar has also a nickname and it is the Golden Land. Historically, it was a part of Bagan. There have been 2000 temples and pagodas which were built at different times. You can view all of it by walking long distances. You can also use two more things for exploration. First one is a bike and the second one is the hot air balloon. If you choose the second option then you will get the best views, therefore, we recommend you using a hot air balloon. 

3. Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the perfect destinations for tourists. It also has a nickname which is called Land of Eternal Blue Sky. It has a huge amount of population. Large numbers of the tourists arrive in the season. This country is also excellent for adventure-seekers. The country has a very beautiful landscape for the tourist and also for those people who love to spend time with natural landscapes. You can do trekking of the mountains and try out horseback riding. This country is also best for camping.  Some of the country’ population is also herdsman. Most of them are living nomadic lifestyles, however many of the cities are growing. Several of the people are moving to the cities. City life is extremely good in Mongolia. You must go to Mongolia earlier or otherwise, it would become late.

4. Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You can also search Serene Air Ticket Price on the internet and then book the tickets for traveling to the different cities of Pakistan. The tourism is done of the Northern and Southwestern Highlands. Many of the beautiful regions are situated in the northern regions. Many of the national and international tourists come to Pakistan for seeing these gorgeous places. Pakistan also has a coastline. Lots of the tourists approach Pakistan from Karachi. They want to spend some time with the sea. You can also do different activities on the beach. There is an interesting fact about Pakistan which is that there are a lot of beaches and you can easily spend the time by being there. Most of the people like to visit important cities of Pakistan. Most of the visitor attraction sites are located there. They are also approached by a lot of tourists. 

5. Canada 

Canada is an ideal country for traveling and tourism. There are many national parks located in Canada and you can get free entry in those parks. Most of the parks are public and you can easily go there with your family, friends, colleagues and business partners, etc. There are some of the places which are mostly visited by tourists like the region of British Columbia, Maritimes, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. In addition to these places, there are also many other places which are to be visited by the tourists so you can select Canada as a favorite traveling destination for traveling and tourism. Some of the islands were also like paradise point. The water which is present around the islands freezes in the winter season.

6. Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the young countries who have received independence recently from Serbia. The lucky year in which this country got independence, from Serbia was in 2006. There are many beautiful beaches and ancient villages located in the city.  You can discover more adventurous places like the forests of Montenegro. You can also book a tour for going to gorgeous Durmitor National Park for seeing and enjoying the natural waterfalls. There is also an option of rafting in the Tara River Canyon. The country receives a huge amount of sunshine throughout the year. There are also many national and international restaurants. You can also dine in delicious cuisine from them. These are some of the features of Montenegro and you can explore more by visiting there. 

7. Serbia

Serbia is another gorgeous country in Europe. There are many places in Western Europe which have been regarded as the greatest tourist destinations. Many of the international visitors come to these countries for doing proper traveling. Now, tourists want to travel to Eastern Europe. They are often attracted by captivating destinations. 

You can choose the destination of Serbia and should travel there. Its capital Belgrade is located on two Riverfronts whose names are: Danube and Sava rivers. Most of the buildings were constructed in the 19th Century and there is a vibrant nightlife. These are some of the ideal destinations which you can choose for tourism in the year 2019.