BA Economics -Top Reasons Why It’s a Versatile Career Option

BA Economics
BA Economics

Are you a commerce student who just graduated from school and is at a crossroad of selecting a course for your graduation? Choosing a course to study for your graduation is nerve wracking as it can make or break your future. However, with due diligence and by aligning your interests, you can choose your course.

The scope of commerce courses is growing in India. As a commerce student, you can opt for various courses, one of them being BA Economics. This course is not only one of the most sought after courses in India alongside B.Com but also has excellent career prospects for the student.

BA Economics is a course that places its focus on the fundamentals of economics, its applications and theories. This subject covers various topics like microeconomics, macroeconomics, economic statistics, Indian economy, history of economics, and more. With the love of numbers and how the market functions you can pursue a career in economics. However, there is no one field that you can choose, economics is one of the most rewarding career fields you can pursue as it has a ton of scope.

BA Economics a Versatile Path:

  • Knowledge to Excel

With a degree in economics, you will be imbibed with knowledge and skill sets that will turn you into one of the best professionals in your field. This means that you have so much knowledge about the world and the economy that you can excel in any career field that you choose to pursue, even the ones away from economics.

  • Career Scope- Private and Public

There is a common misconception about doing BA Economics that after completion of the course, you can only become an economist. However, this is not true, there are plenty of opportunities available in India and abroad with excellent financial security-

Private Sector-

The private sector is welcoming for a graduate in economics. This sector has various jobs available in BPO, MNC, private banks, and more. You are sure to have financial security when it comes to working in a private sector. That’s not all, you will have prestige in the society as working in the field of economics in the private sector is considered extremely niche.

Public Sector-

A government job in India has many benefits like subsidies, pension, job security, desirable working hours, and many more. As an economics student, you have plenty of job opportunities available in the government sector. Some of these sectors are – Civil Services, Planning Commission, RBI, Ministry of Finance, and many more.

Here’s What We’re Saying

With the implementation of policies like LPG (in 1991), Demonetization, GST, and many other factors, the Indian economy has made a drastic shift. More and more need for skilled economists who can contribute significantly to the Indian economy has increased.

With such a need for skilled economy professionals in India, naturally, many new career fields have emerged. In the current world scenario in terms of economy, a BA degree in Economics will turn out to be quite fruitful. However, it becomes essential that you do your graduation from a university that can keep up with such shifting trends of the economy. One such university is UPES, its curriculum is industry aligned that is taught by highly skilled faculty. You will also receive sufficient industrial exposure, which will help you understand your field of choice first hand. Don’t delay the process of pursuing BA economics any further and eventually take over the job market by a storm.