What are the Necessary Documents You Should Always Keep to Avoid Traffic Fines?

Avoid Traffic Fines

With the increasing stringency of traffic rules all across the country, there are several things you must keep in mind to avoid getting a hefty challan. One of the key points in this regard is carrying your vehicle’s documents.

By reading this blog, check out the documents you should always carry to avoid traffic fines.

5 Essential Documents to Carry to Avoid Traffic Challans

  1. Driving Licence

Your RTO-approved driving licence is the most crucial document you should carry while driving your vehicle. This document proves that you have legal clearance to drive a vehicle, and is the first thing the traffic police ask for when you are pulled over for a traffic violation or get in an accident.

Not having a driving licence while driving your vehicle can sometimes lead to penalties, imprisonment, or both.

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  1. Car Insurance Policy

As per the 1988 Motor Vehicles Act, all vehicle owners must have at least a third-party car insurance cover. Car insurance policies provide financial coverage if you get into an unfortunate accident or your vehicle breaks down.

Driving without a valid vehicle insurance policy can lead to hefty penalties and imprisonment. Moreover, you must pay right out of your pocket for the damages to or done by your vehicle during an accident.

Thus, having vehicle insurance is a must.   

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  1. Vehicle Registration Certificate

Another crucial document you must have while driving is your vehicle’s Registration Certificate (RC). It proves the car is registered under the owner’s name and the state’s relevant authority.

It contains details like the owner’s address, car’s registration number, year of production, make/type, etc. If you are pulled over and cannot show the RC of your vehicle, you are liable to pay a penalty. This can also lead to imprisonment in case of repeat offences.   

  1. Identity Proof  

While driving your vehicle, you should always carry legal identity proof, like a voter ID card, Aadhaar card, passport, etc. It helps affirm the identity of the person who is driving the car and enables the traffic police to verify the information present on your driving licence or vehicle’s RC.

Moreover, it will be very handy for confirming your identity in case of an unfortunate accident.

  1. PUC Certificate

The Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate proves that your car emits carbon under the prescribed limits and adheres to all the emission standards. The authorities have introduced this system to combat climate change by checking vehicle emissions.

Hence, you must always have a valid PUC certificate while driving your vehicle. Otherwise, it can lead to heavy challenges.

If you have a car with a BS-IV or BS 6 engine, you need to renew it annually from its issue date. Moreover, producing this certificate is mandatory when purchasing or renewing your car insurance policy.

You now know all the documents you should always carry to avoid traffic fines and their importance. In this regard, you no longer need to carry physical copies of these documents. You can store their soft copies in digital document storage platforms like the mParivahan app or DigiLocker and show them to the authorities when needed.