Why is it important to quit smoking amid Covid-19?

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World No Tobacco Day: Why is it important to quit smoking amid Covid-19?

Every year, “World No Tobacco Day” is observed on 31 May to spread awareness about the dangers of using tobacco. The day has more importance this year as the world is battling a pandemic which has already taken more than 3milion  lives across the world. According to the World Health Organisation, 50 percent of smokers are more at risk of contracting COVID-19 than non-smokers. 

This year WHO has launched a “commit to quit” campaign on World No Tobacco Day and urged all countries to join in creating tobacco-free environments by making people aware and giving them information, support, and tools they need to quit and quit for good. According to WHO, “Nearly 60% of tobacco users around the world want to quit smoking, but only 30% of the global population have access to quality tobacco cessation services.”

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How to quit Smoking?

Smoking is not only bad for health but it is a deadly addiction, which is not easy to quit.  However, the old saying “where there is a will, there is a way”, is completely true in this case also. Smoking is both a physical addiction and a psychological habit.  Tobacco has a substance called nicotine. This nicotine has a “feel good” effect on mind. That is why many people find smoking as a quick and reliable way to relieve stress, and helpful in coping with depression and anxiety.  So quitting means to find different and healthier ways to cope with those feelings. 

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Here are some tips to help you in quitting smoking. 

  • Make a quit plan and stick to it. Making a plan will help you stay focused, confident, and motivated to quit and stay quit. And it is completely fine if you fail a couple of times. Just Keep trying and don’t give up.
  • Willpower is important but don’t rely only on thet. Get help from others like family, friends, doctor and counsellor.
  • Try Nicotine-replacement therapy like chewing-gum.  Ask your doctor about nicotine replacement therapy and do as directed by your doctors. 
  • Hang out with your non-smoker friends and avoid your smoker companions for a while.
  • Avoid situations which can trigger you and create an urge to smoke or use tobacco. 
  • Distract yourself from tobacco cravings. You can watch a move, read, exercise or anything healthy which makes you feel good.  
  • Modify your diet and go for healthy meals. avoid stressful situations during the first few weeks after you stop smoking.
  • Last but not the least, stay positive and motivated. Keep reminding yourself of the benefits of quitting smoking. 

At present, Quitting tobacco is more important than ever. COVID predominantly affects the lungs and smoking also damages the lungs. Researches suggest that smokers have the chances of severe complications in lungs due to Covid as compared to non smokers. This “World No Tobacco Day”, commit to good health and well being of your loved ones by quitting smoking.