What should you eat after getting Covid Vaccine?

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What should you eat before and after Covid Vaccine?

Amid the deadly global pandemic the government has already started the vaccination drive for various age groups. Many have received the dose while many more are in line to get the Covid vaccine. There are many questions regarding what to eat and what not after and before getting the vaccine. A healthy diet is good for building immunity and according to experts covid vaccine works by developing immunity to fight the virus. So here are some tips and suggestions on what you should eat before and after getting Covid vaccine. 

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Keep yourself hydrated 

Doctors suggest that staying adequately hydrated before and after getting the COVID vaccine is extremely important. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day can help in minimising the common side effects of the covid-19 vaccine.  Drink plenty of water, you can also go for coconut water, juices and even water rich fruits like watermelon and muskmelon.  So don’t forget to drink water and keep re-energizing yourself with plenty of water or hydrating fruits. 

Choose whole grain rather than processed foods 

According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, healthy eating habits are vital to ensure a healthy body during this pandemic. Doctors suggest that the best way to support your immune system post-vaccination is to prioritize nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory whole foods. Avoid processed foods like bread, cookies, noodles etc. Green leafy vegetables, nuts and fresh fruits must be a part of your post vaccination meal. 

Switch to fibre rich foods and avoid saturated fat and sugary foods 

Vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn and fruits like berries, pears, melon and oranges are fibre rich foods. Foods rich in fibre are good for building a healthy immune system. At the same time avoid eating saturated fats and sugary foods that lead to stress and anxiety. 

Avoid Consumption of alcohol before and after vaccination

Health experts recommend avoiding alcohol before and after getting the vaccine because alcohol suppresses the immune system and can dehydrate you.  As per a study published in the journal Alcohol Research, alcohol consumption has also been linked with weakened immunity. So under any circumstances avoid consumption of alcohol. 

Maintain a balanced diet 

A balanced diet comprises all essential nutrients our body needs to stay healthy. Healthy eating increases energy, improves body functions and  strengthens your immune system. In short, a healthy diet is a way to avoid some common side effects post vaccination. Not only that it will help in building a good immune system. 

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During the pandemic maintaining healthy eating habits is crucial for good health. Covid vaccines are safe and effective. Researches shows that covid vaccine reduces the chances of severity of the disease. Stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet especially after getting the vaccine. Mild fever, muscles ache and headaches are common side effects of covid vaccines and there is no need to panic about them. If facing any difficulty consult your doctor and follow the instructions properly.