Whatever you do, don’t eat a low-fat diet


Whatever you do, don’t eat a low-fat diet, However Eat Fewer Carbohydrates To Lose Fat Fast

Many studies show that individuals who are on low fat diets don’t lose fat as readily as individuals who take more fats. The main reason behind this is the failure to stick on low fat diets because it is just dietary fat which keeps us feeling full. Fat is high in calories as compared to carbohydrates and proteins, approximately 9 in fat as compared to both carbohydrates and proteins, which is the density that makes fat more satisfying as compared to others. It is recommended to take at least 30% of daily calories from dietary fats. 20% or below means a low fat diet, which is too low to stick to it.

If you are a type of calculating person, you can use online calculators for macronutrient which can tell you the amount of fat, protein or carbohydrate constitutes a specific percentage of daily intake. Therefore let us consider you are aiming to get 1800 calories a day. You would want to get 60 grams of fat every day which actually looks like these common foods;

•    2 table spoons peanut butter contain 17 grams of fats
•    1 table spoon olive oil contain 14 grams of fats
•    1 ounce or around 20 – 24 almonds contain 14 grams of fats
•    Half avocado contains 15 grams of fats

However you must eat fewer carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are also very important because it is the macronutrient used by the body for energy. Carbohydrates provide us energy to walk, move, and even think. No need to mention that exercises would suck without carbohydrates. If you are really trying to lose fat from your body, you do not need to have carbohydrates in tons because our body consumes carbohydrates for producing energy. To produce more it converts to glycogen. Glycogen is a kind of energy produced from carbs and stored until you need it. When our body uses glycogen inventory and still want more energy, our body starts to burn stored fat for the energy.

To lose fat, you need your body to tear through all those carbs as well as glycogen as soon as possible to start the fat burning process rather than later. Best is to keep body’s glycogen levels comparatively and reasonably low so that our body turns to the fat store quickly. Taking 30% of daily calories intake from carbohydrates is suggested. However, this is not a low carb diet as such. It is far more of a lower carb diet. Fat diminisher is a fat loss and body transformation programs that suggest a low-fat diet is one that is 20% or below your daily intake.