Deciding Wisely on Using a Banned Substance


Professional bodybuilders and athletes often resort to various supplements, banned as dope. It is a very serious concern! Not only can a doping charge take down your entire career graph and destroy years of reputation, but it can also push you into deep mental depression. However, neither can you deny the inevitable charm of stacking cycles to complement your regular bodybuilding schedule! What can you do as an alternative? There is only one way and that is to seek an online retailer who would provide you with the product through the anonymous transaction. Here again, you should be careful about trusting the right substance because many fake products are also sold online.

Depending on objective

The ingredients in your stacking cycle should be dependent on the objective you harbor. Do you want to grow heavy muscle mass quickly? Do you need to shed a few extra pounds preventing lean muscle aesthetics? Do you need a harmonic energizer to make sure that all these supplements do not affect your libido? Would you want a product that boosts your internal physiology and heals inflammations? These are just some of the questions that you should be asking yourself to figure out your objective. In addition, you should pay heed to practical concerns as well as these are banned for professional athletes. In case you have a competition coming up in two months or so, you should stop all supplement use and continue with detoxification!

Potent weight burner

Clenbuterol or Clen is a highly potent weight burner product preferred by professional athletes and bodybuilders. It is not a viable option for dealing with obesity. It is only good when you can use it in a disciplined manner to get rid of the fag ends of fat deposits in your body. The product is a beta receptor that targets fat cells and stimulates them to release stored triglycerides into the bloodstream. This is a process called lipolysis and the best part about it is the fact that it does not target muscle cells. However, you need to provide a workout to the muscles so that a demand for energy is generated. Only then, the released fat in the bloodstream would be used up by mitochondrial oxidation.

Regulated use

Not only do the authorities regulate its use, but also you should be taking personal initiatives for the same. Do not use it in excess to avoid the risks of paradoxical bronchospasm. This is the medical name of sudden chest pain. Other side effects include an excess hike in blood pressure, which in worst of cases can lead to a brain stroke. Make sure that two successive dosages of Clen have a minimum gap of four weeks in the stacking cycle. For high-end users, the rule of thumb should be to limit its total use to not more than 16 weeks in a year.   

Learn to recognize and appreciate the reasons why this substance is banned for professional athletes. An athlete must display his or her physical process on pure energy, and not driven by the euphoria of a chemical! Once you recognize the value of this banning, you should be able to take a wise decision regarding its usage. In addition, when you buy, make sure that it is a good, informative site with plenty of resources.