Tips on how to make your wedding reception memorable for your guests


A wedding is hands-down the most special day in your life because you will be getting hitched with the love of your life. On the wedding day, you have to be very sober (even if you don’t want to be) when you are about to take a solemn oath in front of the priest and almighty. You can neither act like a party animal nor tittle-tattle like you usually do; you just have to be elegant like a regal princess or prince. But, you need not worry about partying and having fun, because after the wedding ceremony, comes a ‘wedding reception’.

The wedding reception is something that you as well as your guests will be looking forward to. Therefore, don’t you think you have to make your reception simply amazing? If yes, then try to input some crazy and amusing things that will entertain you and all your guests. Wondering what could make the wedding reception party amusing? Well, don’t worry, here are a few things that you can do to make the reception a memorable one. Take a look.

Plan something for the kids

While planning a reception party, what most of the would-be-wife or grooms do is they plan loads of things for everyone, be it teenagers, middle-aged people, and even elderly people. But, they forget about the tiny kids that get bored to death in the reception party. So, don’t you think you must plan something for them? You can hire a babysitter who will sit with the kids and make them watch funny animated movies. Or else, you can also provide them set with coloring books, crayons, and small toys so that they can enjoy themselves and let their parents hit the dance floors. Cool idea, isn’t it?

How about an interactive food station?

We all know that the key to every guest’s hearts is a great menu. Good food will undoubtedly impress your guests, but the customizable food is even better. By customizable food I mean, there will be a counter where people can choose their own toppings and sauces such as a grilled cheese, pasta or risotto station. This will make them happy and you will be satisfied to have well-fed guests who are ready to have a good time. So, while booking a Wedding Reception Venues in Houston TX, make sure you see that the hall has ample space to arrange a food station.

Hire a DJ

Now, this is a common point, but you have to agree to the fact that having a DJ is one of the major fun factors in a reception. Another thing that you have to keep in mind while hiring a DJ is that you have to make a song list on your own, as he/she wouldn’t know what your guests would like. Make sure you have all genres of songs in the playlist, and also ask him to play special classic songs for the grannies and grandpas there in your reception. They will be utterly happy!

A special dance (for bride and groom) is a must

Well, we all know that a reception party is incomplete without a bride and groom dance. Every guest’s eyes will be on you, which mean that it is the perfect opportunity to stun your guests with an amazing performance. Usually, what most of the couples do is simply do ball dance, but you can do something quirky. How about starting with a slow dance and then suddenly switching to a sexy Latin dance form? This may sound a bit strange, but trust me, it’s going to throw your guests for a loop, and they are going to thoroughly enjoy every bit of the party.

Arrange a game

A game sounds really childish, but it is not. If you arrange a game in the reception, you will not just entertain your guests but also Transport them back to their college days. You can play the giant word search, the drinking game (when the grandparents are not around) and etc. This is really fun!

Hope you like these ideas? If yes, then utilize them to make your reception grand and memorable, and don’t forget to look for attractive Private Party Venues in Houston TX. Other than these above-mentioned things, if you have anything else in mind then you can utilize that idea as well.