What is Yellow Fungus Infection? Know symptoms and causes.


What is Yellow Fungus Infection? Know symptoms, causes, and precautions. 

The second wave of coronavirus in India is more devastating than the first. A high number of Covid cases and a collapsed medical system is already a  challenge, and now post Covid- complications among recovering patients are also raising the concern. After black and white fungus cases, both post-Covid complications,  from several states, a first such case of yellow fungus has been reported in the country.

According to media reports, ENT specialist BP Tyagi has claimed a ‘yellow fungus’ patient in his hospital who is undergoing treatment. The case was detected in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad district on Monday. However, the nature and pathology of the disease is yet to be confirmed by public health experts or the government. Dr. Tyagi informed the media that the patient is also infected with black and white fungus apart from yellow fungus and is currently undergoing treatment. 

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What are the Symptoms of Yellow Fungus? 

Dr. Tyagi told ANI that Yellow Fungus is a deadly infection that starts internally. It is crucial to note any symptom that can help in early detection and treatment. Symptoms of yellow fungus include lethargy, low appetite, or no appetite at all, and weight loss. In severe cases, there could be leakage of pus and slow healing of wounds, sunken eyes, malnutrition and organs not functioning, and necrosis. 

What are the Causes and precautions ?

Most fungal infections are caused by unsanitary conditions, poor hygiene, contaminated resources, and low immunity. It is essential to maintain cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene to avoid this disease. As seen in black fungus and white fungus infection cases, Patients coping with comorbidities or using immunity-suppressing medications are at a greater risk for catching such fungal infection.

According to reports, the patient with Yellow Fungus symptoms had been in hospital with Covid for several weeks and was recovering well, but swelling in the eyes and other symptoms was noted in the past four days. 

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Treatment of the disease  

While there’s not much information available about the case, doctors have suggested that yellow fungus can be much more dangerous than black and white fungus. According to reports, the only treatment for Yellow Fungus is the Amphotericin B injection, an antifungal medicine. “This fungus is found in reptiles. I saw this disease for the first time. Amphotericin B injection is used to treat this disease. It takes a long time to heal. This patient’s condition cannot be said to be very good. He is still undergoing treatment.” informed Dr. Tyagi to the media. 

Mostly post covid fungal infections are being caused by poor hygiene and low immunity. It is essential to maintain hygiene and take all necessary precautions. The government has already asked states to declare black fungus infection as an epidemic. 

(Inputs from ANI)

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