How to go on a digital detox in the time of Covid-19 Pandemic?

digital detox in the time of Covid-19 Pandemic
digital detox in the time of Covid-19 Pandemic

digital detox in the time of Covid-19 Pandemic?

Smartphones are central to our lives, but the pandemic has accelerated our already ultra digital culture. It can be challenging to cut off from technology entirely, but limiting interaction will surely benefit you. It is more challenging to stay away from your phones in this pandemic. According to the World Advertising Research Center, global daily online content consumption has doubled since the start of the pandemic. Constant overflow of information from phones, laptops, TV, etc., can increase social anxiety. Without any doubt, technology is making our lives easier, but it is also equally important to maintain a healthy relationship with our smartphones and internet technology. Digital detox is a step towards good mental and physical health.

Here are some tips to go on a digital detox in the time of coronavirus pandemic. 

Take a break from your technology. 

Whenever you get a chance, try to spend your time offline. Give your phone and laptop a break. Try to avoid checking your phone just in the morning and put it aside before going to bed. It should not be the first thing you wake up to in the morning. Neither is the last thing you spend time with before going to bed. Whenever you get some chance, take a break, go for a walk on the terrace, spend time gardening or making your favorite tea/ coffee for yourself. 

Avoid tempting triggers and distractions from your phone. 

Putting away digital distractions at the end of the day gives you time to get the rest needed to approach life with energy and creativity. Keep notification off from the apps which are not necessary. This will help you avoid unnecessary distractions. It is not easy to stop the urge to check your phones for updates but at least trying to do so can give some positive results. 

Set a time limit 

Pay attention to the time you are spending online. Stepping away from technology might not be realistic right now, but setting a limit will indeed work. Set a screen time limit on your device. Also, limit the space; try not to use your phone in the dining room, bedroom, and even bathroom. Fix a place for your phone on your work desk that will help you to limit the screen time. 

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Choose quality over quantity. 

Spending time online doesn’t mean that you are wasting your time, or going offline is not equal to being productive. So spend quality time while using technology. Instead of watching four-five small videos, consider watching a whole movie or a documentary. Also, instead of reading many headlines, read a single long article. This will limit the overflow of information and will give a sense of satisfaction. 

Going on a digital detox can help you in relieving stress. The key to successful digital detox is limiting or entirely cutting cellphone time when engaged in social activities. Avoid swapping from one screen to another or use one device at a time. Do not go so hard on yourself by scrolling Instagram while binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix. Your body and mind deserve some rest. Breaking up with your phone once a week can lead you to a happier self.