Top Free 350 401 Dumps You Should Know To Pass The Exam Easily

Spoto 350 401 Dumps
Spoto 350 401 Dumps

350 401 dumps are what you refer to when you aspire and wish to pass the CCNP exam in one go. So, in this blog post, we want you to learn the latest CCNP 350 401 course-related questions and, if possible, their answers. 

Going through these practice test questions helps you set your mind at ease. You neither fret over it nor worry too much. Meanwhile, you get to prepare for the upcoming CCNP exam with sheer dedication.

Some Of The Spoto 350 401 Dumps Available Online Offer You Questions Like:

Q: Which two of the given protocols should be used in YANG data models?

  • TLS

Q: Which statement written below mentioning the multicast RP is true?

  • RPs are used only when you use protocol-independent multicast dense mode.
  • RP only helps to start new network/server sessions with the given sources or receivers.
  • RPs are the best when used with the protocol independent multicast sparse mode combined with its dense mode.
  • The RP maintains sessions periodically with network sources and receivers.

Q: Which amongst the below mentioned CISCO TrustSec uses for scalability and better communication across a given network?

  • ACL, the security group tag, is assigned to each port on the current switch in the network.
  • Each user on a switch uses the security group tag’s particular number. 
  • Each port over a network uses the security group tag number.
  • Each router over the given network uses ACL, the security group tag.

Q: Which of the below stated statements would produce an error in the Python script?

  • try/except
  • try/catch
  • block/rescue

Q: Can you determine which statement amongst the ones given below about CISCO Express Forwarding is not false?

  • A Router’s CPU is directly linked to packet-switching sessions.
  • CISCO Express Forwarding chooses forwarding decisions through the schedule in an IOS scheduler.
  • CISCO Express Forwarding has two tables: FIB and Adjacency in its data plane.
  • It’s known for using a fast cache in its router data plane.

Q: How or why does OSPF neighborship enter in the EXSTART/EXCHANGE state?

  • Mismatched OSPF links are given.
  • Mismatched areas.
  • Mismatched calculation for the MTU size.
  • Mismatched OSPF network. 

Q: Which type of TCP setting must you use to avoid or minimize fragmentation issues over a GRE/IP tunnel?

  • MSS
  • Window size
  • MTU
  • MRU

Q: Which security component would you require additionally while configuring WPA2 Enterprise across a WLAN network?

  • NTP server
  • REDIUS server
  • PKI server
  • TACACS server

Q: Determine the most genuine statements amongst those given below about TLS while using RESTCONF to write or modify configurations over a chosen network device.

  • It is only used for handling the current HTTPS and HTTP requests.
  • It asks for certificates for further authentication.
  • You get it by using NGINX as a proxy web server.
  • CISCO devices do not support TLS.

Q: How is YANG, a data modeling language useful?

  • It creates efficient and more secure SNMP OIDs.
  • It is best for a standardized data structure that leads to scalability and consistency in the configuration. 
  • The programmers can further change, modify, control, and write their own applications in the given operating systems. 
  • It makes any CLI better, easier, efficient, and simpler. 

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