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Utopia P2P Ecosystem: How To Avoid Online Espionage in 2020?


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In 2020 data is becoming a new source of power and world domination replacing natural resources. Corporations make billions on data collections on the Internet. Web providers, mobile apps, social media, and browsers assume users’ online activities to enhance their manipulation. Information is legally amassed and resoled to data brokers and law institutions. Starting as an oasis of freedom, the Internet is no longer a safe place. Besides advertisers, the sensitive data leaks to hackers and fraudsters aiming to steal your assets or use your identity. Also, the media you upload online is excessively used for machine learning. If you are not satisfied with being tracked, you should quit social media usage and explore security-focused software. Encrypted programs diminish the potential of data leakage and governmental investigations.

Utopia P2P ecosystem is an encrypted network and toolkit, including must-have apps all-in-one. The messenger, browser, wallet, mining tool, and mailbox are free and protect users from sided intrusions. Discover how to grow crypto assets and stay protected on the web!

Utopia P2P ecosystem: 5 reasons to use it every day

Developers integrated sufficient features helping to assure five-star privacy comparing with the rest communications apps. These perks guarantee your data remain unseen and protected:

  1. Enhanced encryption. The algorithm that Utopia applies is the most advanced. The Elliptic curve and  256-bit AES processor protect the internal data transfers.
  2. No central server. The information transmission is decentralized; Utopia never stores the data on the local data warehouse. This feature assures that security breaches and information leakage are unlikely to happen. Only a sender and a recipient have access to the messages.
  3. No names. The user’s identity is covered since Utopia doesn’t ask to attach a phone number, email, or mention names. A private key serves as a nickname.
  4. All-in-one toolset. You stay protected while implementing various online activities. There is no need to download extra apps to remain private. The Hybrid mode allows you to operate several apps on the same window.
  5. Cutting-edge mining. No additional skills and investments are required to mine crypto. Users obtain Cryptons for every minute they use Utopia tools.

What tools are included in Utopia?

uMessenger. The in-house chat is a secure space to exchange messages and files protected by encryption. No data leakage occurs even for group conversations since they are encoded by default. The in-built multi-player games and stickers make the correspondence funny and engaging!

uMail. The opt-in mailbox allows exchanging encrypted emails and doesn’t gather metafiles on your device. The only condition is that you can only email across the Utopia network. Make use of the Templates tool if you need to write similar emails every day.

Idyll browser. The local browsing tool intends to secure the pages viewing; you can only see the local websites. This browser is anonymous, never monitors the browsing history, billing information, and passwords. You can design an encrypted website even if you are a newbie.

uWallet. The local wallet is a robust financial tool, supporting crypto transfers and payments. Operations are instant and protected with the most reliable encryption. Register as a merchant to trade across Utopia and capitalize! Finally, Utopia provides users with the full-fledged arsenal of must-have apps powered with encryption, handy interface, and multi-functionality. Start your secure web experience right now!

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