The Best Resorts near Delhi and Gurgaon


When it comes to resorts the best resorts, the resorts near Delhi and Gurgaon score high on all parameters, be it a luxurious stay or an affordable family vacation. Resorts near Delhi and Gurgaon are becoming a hot stop destination for people of every genre because of the magnificent facilities they offer with the best deals. Besides the location that makes these resorts popular, they provide the finest traditional food in the modern restaurant settings. Check in the resorts near Delhi enjoy world class facilities with an assortment of food and beverages and you surely will fall in love with your these resorts.

The Best Accommodation

Resorts near Delhi and Gurgaon offer to their guests the best in class stays. The luxury suites fetch you a cozy king-size bed, gourmet mini bar, bath robes and linen, high-class toiletries, slippers, locally sourced fresh fruits and beverages on your coffee table and an elaborate twenty four hour menu by your bedside. An affordable stay is not far behind in luxuriating you by providing you all modern amenities that include an air conditioned room, LCD screens, secure car parking, modern bathrooms, free wifi, room service, clean bed linens and sometimes even free buffet breakfast. With premium facilities and panoramic views, enjoy this and much more at top 10 resorts near Delhi.

Facilities & Services

Luxuriate in a deep soaking pool or go for a spa bath.  Relax in the privacy of your room with the personalized massage service by expert therapists if you or your aged parents are too tired to walk up to the designated massage room. Make your selection from the various activities these resorts have to offer. Take a chance in the game of golf or try some hits on the table tennis table. Some resorts even have cricket pitches and basketball courts. Take a dip into the crystal blue waters of the pools in these resorts. Some resorts even have kid’s pool as well where your little ones are under surveillance of an expert coach.

Dine and Wine

You can also choose in room private dining or walk to one of the many restaurants that these resorts offer. Having a casual but stylish setting, the restaurants have the reputation of providing the finest dining experience through the hands of world’s best chefs. The restaurants offer a gourmet range of food and beverages that can be customized at the call of the guests.  Taste some regional and international wines in these resorts. Ask the chef to prepare some special dish and it will be done.

Mostly the resorts are located on outskirts of Gurgaon and Delhi. They are spread across a large natural cover. The natural vegetation is preserved in these resorts. This makes a great balance of nature and makes these resorts look even more beautiful. So next time you are looking for a weekend gateway, a romantic honeymoon, a relaxing family holiday or an affordable business stay in one of the resorts near Gurgaon.