Michael Phelps On Water Conservation, Parenting & The Fruit He’s Finally Reintroducing To His Diet


This week’s guest needs no introduction. As the most accomplished Olympian of our time—and any time, for that matter—Michael Phelps is a wellness icon for the ages. In addition to pushing what the human body is capable of, we can thank Phelps for using his celebrity status to bring often-taboo topics like depression to the surface.

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I was lucky enough to sit down with the 23-time Olympic gold medalist to learn about one of his latest initiatives: water conservation. Through the course of this episode, he shares how his growing family conserves water at home and why the water access issue strikes such a chord with him personally.

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And of course, I had to ask about the more esoteric fitness and recovery practices that Phelps has helped popularize. We talk about his experience with cupping, visualization, the Graston technique (using a stainless steel tool to soothe muscle knots), and more. Phelps also dives into (sorry, had to) how his diet has evolved since the Olympic days, his laid back approach to parenting, and the guilty pleasure sugar he can’t seem to give up. This one’s a can’t-miss episode for any Phelps fan.