What made Deccan Odyssey as Asia’s leading luxury train


It is known to everyone about the Deccan Odyssey’s legacy as Asia’s leading luxury train. Recently, again the luxurious train Deccan Odyssey awarded as Asia’s leading luxury train for the fifth time. By this, it is proved that the Deccan Odyssey is the present ruler of all luxury trains in Asia. It’s time to know what reasons made Deccan Odyssey as Asia’s leading luxury train.

Splendid Itineraries:

The first and important point that attracts a person to travel on a voyage means its destinations. In this, Deccan Odyssey at its best by placing India’s most famous and popular destinations in its itineraries. Every itinerary package in Deccan Odyssey is known for unique and must-see places in India.

Here you can have a look on Deccan Odyssey’s six itineraries:

  • Maharashtra Splendour
  • Indian Odyssey
  • Jewels of the Deccan Odyssey
  • Maharashtra Wild Trail
  • Hidden Treasures of Gujarat
  • Indian Sojourn

Some major attractions that are passed through Deccan Odyssey are Jaipur, Nasik, Udaipur, Mumbai, Ajanta Caves, Goa, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, and Sanchi etc.

Regal and Opulent Coaches:

The Deccan Odyssey train is known for its best in maintaining well-furnished and luxurious coaches. Totally there are 12 guest coaches with all necessary things and requirements. Each coach in Deccan Odyssey is well-organized with all luxury and cozy elements. Everyone will be mesmerized by the beautiful decors that will match with outside landscapes.

And the coaches are divided into Presidential Suites and Deluxe Cabins. Each suite and cabins are allured of a particular era of Deccan with all facilities like telephone, attached bathroom, and air-conditioning.


Facilities that are provided by the Deccan Odyssey plays a crucial role. The main attraction of Deccan Odyssey means its luxurious facilities. The main facilities that are provided are spacious cabins, dining & cuisines, bar & lounge, conference car, and the Health Spa.

Cabins: In total, there are 12 well-furnished guest accommodation coaches on Deccan Odyssey. And the cabins in these coaches are very attractive and luxurious with all the facilities that are required.

Dining and Cuisine: The Deccan Odyssey board moves with two multi-cuisine restaurants and they are known as Peshwa I and Peshwa II. Here you can taste all variety of dishes of Indian, Continental, and Oriental delicious styles.

Bar: A best refreshing zone on Deccan Odyssey with varied collections of wines, non-beverage drinks and spirits from across the world. Everyone reaches this area on Deccan Odyssey to get relief from the outside excursions stress.

Sitting Lounge: Sitting lounge is the best place to get mingle with other friends on the train. Here you can spend your leisure time on the train while traveling with your fellow friends and family.

Conference Car: For the business purpose, Deccan Odyssey allotted some place for Conference Car with all requirements that are needed for businessmen.

Health Spa: A rejuvenating place on Deccan Odyssey is Health Spa with massage therapies and pampering spa. Here you can get Ayurveda treatments to rejuvenate your complete body and soul.

Friendly Services:

At last, the most important thing about Deccan Odyssey is its friendly staff. On Deccan Odyssey, there will be a butler for every cabin 24-hours round the clock. Not only this, from embarking to disembarking every traveler will be treated as a guest with humble services.

It is very fine that by knowing the Deccan Odyssey train price and it has the capability to achieve the prestigious award for the five times as Asia’s leading luxury train.