How to Choose a Bed Frame for Latex Mattress


If you have a Latex mattress, choosing the best platform beds with storage options can be a good idea especially because it’ll help you declutter your room and also provide the necessary support for you. A good deal of our lives is spent in bed sleeping or just relaxing and ensuring comfort is of absolute importance.

Latex mattresses are very comfortable but also a little bit heavy and therefore you will need a sturdy bed frame. The comfort of your bed not only depends on the quality of your mattress but also the support of the bed and this can only be guaranteed by the kind of bed frame you have. The bed frame you choose also plays an important role in determining the aesthetic appeal of your velvet bed head and bedroom in general. Here are some helpful tips for choosing a bed frame: –

Consider Size

When looking for the best bed frame for a latex mattress, size does really matter. If you already have a mattress, it will be good to consider how big it is and choose a frame that is designed to offer adequate support without leaving the mattress hanging on the edges.

If the frame is too small for the mattress, there is the likelihood that it’ll get damaged with time or even cause an accident, something you do not want. On the other hand, if you are buying afresh, then you’ll need to consider the available space and buy a frame that is ideal for the room. If your bedroom is spacious, a king-size bed frame will be ideal but if not, then choosing a double bed is advisable.

Storage Options

The next factor you need to consider is whether you want your bed to have storage facilities. You can get some best platform beds with storage on which you can use latex mattresses on and this not only guarantees your comfort but also offers you some space to de-clutter your bedroom and keep it tidy. Most platform beds with storage space can also be said to be very sturdy and capable of handling the pressure very well. You can use the built-in drawers to store things such as clothing, bedding, and other items as you deem necessary. You might need to look at the number of drawers and their size as well.


When choosing your bed frame, the question of the headboard will also need to be considered carefully. Headboards have a way of changing your bedroom’s appeal and also come in various styles. As such, you will need to look at the available styles and choose the one that matches your mattress and décor. You can choose to go for an upholstered headboards, no visible headboards or non-upholstered ones.

Other factors you might need to consider include height and construction material. However, with these factors well thought-out, it will be easy to pick the right frame for your latex mattress and enjoy comfort every time you go to bed and learn more.