How Is Telepresence Different From Video Conferencing?


Every day, new technologies are being thought of and even launched for a brighter future and endless innovation. Similarly, in the field of communication, there is terrific advancement which cannot be thought of. We very well here the term “Video Conferencing” in our workplaces as it is the common medium today to discuss things with people working in different geographical location.

Even Telepresence Solutions for Business is one completely new direction that has come up and how it is different from earlier video conferencing is very important to understand.

There are three kinds of communication technologies which are different from each other but help you achieve effective solutions for online conferencing:

  1. Video Conferencing
  2. Telepresence
  3. Immersive Telepresence

If you belong to any organization or enterprise or may be any individual who wish to understand the difference in these three, then following content would clarify your doubts:

  1. Video Conference

We all know video conferencing is communication via the medium of live video. It means exchanging of audio, image as well as exchanging data in real time at two different locations. Private video conferencing solutions that are very popular are Skype,Facetime, etc. but they have not yet gained industry standards.

  1. Telepresence

It is a latest term that has come up for video conferences. But this term is much more advanced and generally applicable for high end codecs which supports high bandwidth and provides high definition resolutions. To get a deeper understanding, we can also break the term into two i.e. “Tele” and “Presence” which means Tele Presence Video Conferencing Room are present in highly remote location. Also more than video conferencing, it includes robotic telepresence as well as telerobotics.

  1. Immersive Telepresence

When any telepresence system is setup for a purpose of achieving a high degree of immersion then those kinds of solutions are called immersive telepresence. The degree of immersion here is defined by how much the users feel like sitting in the remote location themselves even though they might be actually located continents apart. Such a kind of illusion to be brought into real needs lots of complex rules and strategies to be followed which this immersive telepresence system does. Hence all the participating rooms need to be designed accordingly to make them a part of such unique conferencing method. A single mistake or fault anywhere will break the flow of the immersion and hence spoils the entire flow.

Now, let us understand the benefits of telepresence solutions:

  1. Rather than travelling great distances by different individuals for face to face meetings, everyone can use a telepresence system from their own location which uses a multiple codec video system. In the room, they can dial in and hence can see and talk each and every other member in the conversation in a way as if they are all physically present there on screens.
  2. It helps in saving so much of cost of travelling as well as saves time.
  3. It has better approach than phone conversations as you can see all the related people in front of you and hence can address everyone and listen to everyone point of view at one time.
  4. Even mobile collaboration systems have made mobile devices handy to have multiple video conferencing on mobile screens in real time, independent of any location. In fact, you can walk while chatting with different people of video call at one time.

How cool can that be! Hence this telepresence technology has changed the face of communication industry totally.