Deadly Fungal Infection in Covid Recovering Patients

fungal infection in covid
fungal infection in covid

Doctors at Sir Ganga Ram hospital have witnessed some cases of covid-19 triggered Mucormycosis fungus. In the last 15 days, more than 12 cases of “covid-19 triggered mucormycosis” have been reported. A black fungus or previously called zygomycosis is a serious but rare fungal infection caused by a fungus that exists in the environment.

If detected early one can prevent the loss through early medical intervention. This mainly affects people who have health problems, lower immunity, or take medications that lower the body’s ability to fight germs and sickness. This alarming and deadly infection has some symptoms like a nagging obstruction in the left nostril, swelling in the eye or cheeks, and black dry crusts in the nose. This should be reported immediately to the doctors as early detection can prevent a major loss.

As per the experts, this fungus can cause loss of eyesight removal of the nose and jaw bone, and 50% mortality can be seen where there is brain involvement. According to the ENT and it at Sir Ganga Ram five of these patients requiring critical care support due to other associated complications. Doctors say that it is a fungus that is present in the plant animal and air but is attacking covid recovered patients because they have been given steroids and have low immunity. 

Similar instances of this infection in covid-19 recovered patients have also been reported from hospitals in Ahmedabad Gujarat. The only available treatment is an antifungal medication and symptom management.

This new alarming infection has become a serious concern for doctors in covid-19 recovering patients. mortality is currently being seen in the range of 50 % with Saturn Dasha when there is the involvement of the brain the doctors said. Delhi recorded 1,376 fresh covid cases on Monday which is the lowest in over 3 and a half months.