Common Question to Know Before You Buy Perfume for Women or Men


When it comes to perfumes, multiple questions go through an individual’s mind. The rich history makes them an interesting product in today’s market. However, one should have clear knowledge about perfumes. Hence, let’s go through some common questions regarding perfumes.

What are the different concentration levels?

Each category has a different concentration of perfumed oils. Perfume extract has 20 to 50 percent of aromatic compounds in it. Although, Eau de cologne has aromatic compounds of 2 to 5 percent, and eau de toilette consists of 5 to 20 percent of aromatic compounds. However, Parfum de Toilette/ eau de parfum has 10 to 30 percent of aromatic compounds.

Note: All concentration is measured by perfume oils’ volume/percent.

Why knowing about different concentration level of aromatic compound is necessary?

With decreasing aromatic compound percentage, longevity and intensity of a scent lessen. Various perfume companies or perfumeries add a different amount of oils in their products. This makes oil concentration in perfumes like EDP (eau de parfum) sufficiently higher than the same scent in EDT (eau de toilette) category.

Moreover, different perfume houses combine a distinct amount of concentrate materials making perfumes from the same category spread dissimilar aroma.

So, make sure to choose your perfumes wisely!

How to store any perfume?

Contrary to popular beliefs perfumes do deteriorate. Its period is based on storage length, temperature, and light. Direct sunlight and extreme heat break down a fragrance’s components. Hence, keeping it in cool and dry places is the ultimate solution.

Note: A scent’s shelf life is in between 3-5 years, but it is lesser for pure perfumes.

How should an individual apply perfumes?

If a person has humid/moist skin aromas ideally clings to it. Moreover, for better results try applying these on pulse points such as on wrist, around ankles and neck, behind ears, knees’ backside, etc. Make sure never to rub scents as it crushes fragrances’ molecules which in turn ruin the fragrance.

One can spray in the air and walk through it for optimal results. It aids in having a wonderful smell all over one’s body instead of in one place which is perfect when going to a party or an event.

What are fragrance notes?

Using musical metaphor experts describe perfumes with three notes. These notes generally unfold with time. The notes are produced by perfume manufacturers keeping in mind a detailed knowledge of evaporation process through which perfume spreads aroma.

What are the different notes?

The three different notes are top, middle and base notes. Top notes refer to aromas which one can smell whenever it’s applied. It consists of light and small molecules which quickly evaporate.

Middle notes emerge after top notes dissipate. These are a scent’s chief body and heart which is more rounded and mellow.

After middle notes’ departure, a base note appears. Middle and base notes together create the primary theme of perfumes. Base notes offer solidity and depth and have heavy and large molecules which have a slow evaporation rate.

So, it is ideal to know about such information before opting to buy the best perfume for women.