Get tests done to be sure about your pregnancy


If one misses their monthly cycle for their periods then it is a good idea to check whether they have conceived a baby or not. Sometimes it can just be due to stress but sometimes one can be pregnant as well. It is better to be sure.

There are basically two major tools for pregnancy test. One can be done at home and one can be done with the help of doctors.

The home pregnancy tests are available in both digital forms and standard stick forms. If one has missed their periods they can try these tests at home. One can use the digital tests up to 6 days before they have missed their periods but in case of standard sticks the time limit is till 4 days. But one has to remember that, they should not do the test very early as then the report might come out false and negative. It may occur that you are actually pregnant but the report says otherwise. The best time to do these home tests is early in the morning as the urine is heavy and it is full of hormones. But the home pregnancy tests are not always accurate.

The clinical urine tests are mainly done at a doctor’s chamber as well. These tests are more prone to be accurate as experts are involved in this urine test and there are very less chance of mistakes. They can easily eliminate the potential errors with their professionalism and do the test accordingly. One can also go for blood tests to find out whether they are pregnant or not. it is said, blood tests can find whether one is pregnant or not at a very early stage; even before urine tests can be done accurately.

Once the pregnancy test is positive one has to immediately go and see a gynaecologist and a dietician who can help. In the entire tenure of pregnancy, a lady has to consume at least 55 thousand extra calories to reproduce a healthy baby. This means, they have to consume 300 calories extra every single day. This is not much. If you know correctly then it is just an apple or a slice of bread or a glass of low fat milk which you have to consume extra. That’s it. But at the same time, the need to consume amounts of minerals and vitamins increase a lot. So one has to consume healthy food and not extra consumption. Fresh and colourful fruits, green vegetables, legumes, whole grains will make way to your regular eating routine and multivitamin supplements will be your daily need now.

Also one needs some good amount of rest when one is pregnant. They need a t least 8 hours of sound sleep everyday so that the growing embryo inside the womb gets proper rest and grow up in time. It is also a good idea to keep a power nap in the afternoons if possible.

One can also keep a pregnancy month calculator at house to check their pregnancy conditions after conceiving. They can keep a track of it.