WordPress Hosting Plans: How to choose them?


Web hosting providers offer a range of WordPress web hosting plans with various features. Choosing from among these plans is bound to get confusing.

Hence, we tell you about some of the basic WordPress hosting plans and how to choose the perfect one for you.

Shared self-hosted plans

These are the most popular WordPress hosting plans. They are affordable, flexible and easy to manage. In this type of plan, your website is hosted on a server along with many others. The resources are distributed between multiple websites. This means that the speed, storage, bandwidth, and other resources are shared between all the websites on that server. As a result, these hosting plans are less expensive as compared to other plans.

Most websites and businesses do not need expensive hosting plans when starting out. Shared self-hosted plans can help keep the costs low while giving you access to all the WordPress features. You can choose this plan if you have a small business, a new blog or for opening an online store.

Managed WordPress plans

The standard Secure wordPress hosting plans are ones that offer the hosting provider handles all the technical aspects. They handle the security, updates and backups of the website. They also ensure that the latest updates are installed, and the security is up to date. Your web hosting provider will also take regular backups so that you have the newest version of your website at hand in case anything goes wrong.

A managed WordPress hosting is expensive as compared to other web hosting plans. However, it has its perks. The hosting provider is more involved with your website. This, in turn, ensures that your site has the latest features, and is safe from hackers and malware. It also provides a smooth experience for your users.

You must choose a managed self-hosted plan if you have a growing business or do not have time to manage the website on your own.

Fully-hosted plans

These plans give you access to a customised WordPress platform. It is an environment built atop the WordPress platform, keeping in mind the specific requirements of those who want to create websites. In this, you do not get to use WordPress in the way you would get to use in standard packages. These packages provide limited features based on the plan you choose to make building and operating the website easier.

There are multiple plans offered under the fully hosted plans depending on the features that they provide. You can go for these plans if you need to make a website quickly and you do not have too many things to put upon it.

The fully hosted WordPress plans typically work for the bloggers starting out, and people looking to make a personal website for uploading photographs, creating a portfolio or for any other personal reasons, or a static website without many graphic elements. Whichever plan you choose, ensure that you check all the features, the charges, and the terms and conditions. You must also check the reviews before selecting a hosting provider and deciding to go with a particular package.