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Exterior paint color combinations to make your house unique


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While most often we spend a lot of time deciding the colors for the interior walls of the house and aligning it with our personality and individuality, it is the exterior of the house that gives a person the first impression about your personality and taste. Choosing complementing exterior paint colors for your house that makes your house look unique and highlights the architectural details is very important.

Here are a few exterior paint color schemes and combinations that hit the mark.

  1. Wooden brown + Stone grey + Dark grey: A great exterior color option is coloring depicting the materials being used. An earthy composition of materials like wood, stone, and cement can make a very elegant exterior wall combination. It can be achieved with some good quality exterior wall paints in stone grey, dark grey, and wooden brown. This will provide a well-built and modern look and add a classic charm to the villa.
  2. Shades of brown + White + Yellow: Using neutral tones of brown and white and adding a splash of warm color against it is a great way of beautifying the house. The neutral tones can be used in different textures. A splash of a color like yellow will add a pop of color and give the house a contemporary and warm vibe.
  3. Charcoal Grey + White: If your taste is more classic, a combination of charcoal grey and white is your way to go. Grey is a great neutral that can beautifully complement the style of any home. The combination of charcoal grey and white can give a very modern look to your home. The key to using this combination is clear-cut segregation in color usage in different areas and parts of the house. Use white as the base and strategically using charcoal grey in areas to highlight such as the balcony frame, the boundary walls, and vertical panels, etc.
  4. Dark blue + Grey + Bluish white: Another modern combination with a classic touch is the combination of blue, grey, and white. Blue is a popular exterior color for homes, especially in houses in picturesque locations. The base of the villa can be painted a bluish-white. The architectural details including the steps, pillars, and trims can be painted a beautiful grey shade. This can be contrasted with a dark blue roof to bring it all together. The windows and doors can be a classic wooden brown to add a balance to the aesthetics. Make sure when using this combination you invest in waterproof paint for outside walls.
  5. Maroon + Cream: Painting the house in a half-and-half look by painting the upper half in one color and the lower half in another can make your house stand out. Usage of two classic colors like a combination of cream and maroon is a great way of doing this as it can add the perfect amount of depth to it.

The exterior walls of your home do not have to be boring anymore but can be the perfect expression of your taste and style. You can browse through Asian paints royale price catalogs and choose the right color that suits your personality. To make the task hassle-free and smooth functioning, you can also hire home painting service providers to help you with the process.  Aapka Painter is one such service provider and is the most trouble-free way to paint your home. They provide end-to-end painting solutions including interior and exterior painting, wall texture design, wall arts, wallpapers, wood finishes, metal painting, waterproofing, etc. efficiently by bringing in technology, automation, and service guarantee.


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