Wish to Become an Engineer? Here’s What to Do

Wish to Become an Engineer
Wish to Become an Engineer

Engineering is not just a profession but a dream for many students in India. A dream which is nurtured for years and is pursued with great passion and dedication by thousands of young aspirants. From joining coaching classes to dropping years for better preparation, students go the extra mile to secure a seat in the top engineering colleges.

However, there are times when students don’t know the right path, and hence fail to achieve their goals. Thus, it is always best to be acquainted with what one really needs to do to become an engineer. If you are also an engineering aspirant, we would suggest you read this article till the end and know what you ought to do for becoming an engineer.

  • Finish Your School

This is the first and foremost thing that you are required to achieve if you wish to become an engineer. Complete your 12th standard with good marks in the science stream. Most of the times, students focus too much on their engineering entrance that their preparation for 12th boards takes a back seat. This becomes an issue later when their 12th score is not able to match up to the eligibility criteria of the engineering colleges. So, if you haven’t taken your board exams, focus on your studies and score well for the future.

  • Apply for Scholarships Like ANTHE

If you have realized your engineering dream quite early, here is an amazing opportunity to achieve it successfully. Aakash Institute has introduced Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam – ANTHE for students who wish to appear in engineering competitive exams.  ANTHE offers 100% scholarship to top ranking students. It not just offers help to those studying in class 8 or 9 but also awards its scholarship for 10th class students.

The date of ANTHE is 28th October 2018, and top 50 students will get 100% scholarship at Aakash Institute. So, work hard and score well. Moreover, students also get cash awards. This means ANTHE will not just help you become an engineer but also give your financial benefits if you ace it like a pro! Now isn’t it exciting?

  • Ace the Entrance Exam

To get admission in top colleges like IITs and NITs, you must ace JEE. For this, you will need a lot of preparation. In case you get through ANTHE and secure a seat in Aakash Institute’s engineering batches, you will get excellent guidance from the experienced faculty along with updated study material and test papers for practice. However, if you wish to do self-study, here are some of the tips that can help you:

  • Start your preparation as early as possible
  • Check the syllabus and exam pattern
  • Cover each and every topic
  • Focus on fundamentals
  • Practice hard and revise regularly
  • Take care of your health 
  • Secure a Seat in Engineering College

Once you get the score of JEE, think thoroughly about the college where you want to take the admission. In case, you fail to score well; you can either drop a year to prepare again or apply for admission in other colleges. There are various good private colleges in India where students can take admission to become engineers. After all, what matters is that you study hard and gain the knowledge required to be an engineer.

  • Give Your 100% to Studies

Just getting admission into a top engineering college is not enough, you need to study hard and gather knowledge to be a good engineer. You may be able to score well in exams, but it won’t matter much if you don’t have an understanding of the concepts. It is your knowledge and confidence that will help you get a good job as an engineer. Therefore, instead of wasting your precious years, dedicate yourself to studies once you get in a college.

Gone through all the points? Now you know what to expect and what should be your plan of action. If you are still in school, especially in class 10, apply for a scholarship for 10th class students and get started with a perfect beginning for your engineering dream. All the best!